What Makes the Best Workplace and Why essay

Why Google Makes the Best Working Conditions and Why

The choice of a workplace by an individual is always arrived at considering many factors. Some people look at the salaries, others at the working conditions while others look at career advancement. I found an interest in the Google technology company because of its working environment, good salary and allowance packages as well as employee friendly policies. The paper discusses why Google is the best place to work.

Why Google is the Most Ideal Company to Work

Googles is certainly a company every person would wish to work for, and for me it’s my best company. Google has a lot of benefits both concerning the monetary compensation and the work environment. First, Google offers very favorable perks with the aim of creating satisfaction amongst all its workers. Google does not discriminate a hair cutter from a doctor or software developer, and all these people are given packages that they are satisfied. One advantage is that these perks do not wither away at the death of an individual but rather continue to his beneficiaries after death. It is further a rule that no Google employee should wait in the queue for a time not exceeding 4 minutes during lunch. For the expectant mothers and their husbands, very hefty packages are given as part of their maternity and paternity allowance. The benefits that families of a Google employee enjoys are therefore an attraction to any person seeking employment. For example, Google recently increased the payment for the paternity leaves from 7 weeks to a12 weeks, a privilege enjoyed by only the Google workers. For the mothers, the maternity leaves now has an extension of up to 22 weeks with pay. Thirdly, Google employees get so motivated to work on the fact that they find passion in whatever they do and always believe in touching the lives of many people. Google is used by so many people in the world, something that is, therefore, part and parcel of the everyday life worth making an employee happy of his efforts. Lastly, any person working at Google and wishing to relinquish their positions still benefit as just presenting a CV with Google as part of one’s job experiences opens up more opportunities

Google is just fantastic, having been voted the best company many people prefer to work since the year 2012, the company continues to attract more than 2.5 million job applications in every year. The company brings together some of the most creative and most intelligent people in the world. For this reason, the company has created a state of the art facility in the name of a working place completely furnished with all the required resources for research purposes; structure always referred to as a “living laboratory”. The offices created for Google offices are designed in the model of conference rooms to give room for the workers to think and come up with very creative ideas. The offices are maintained daily by a team of experts to ensure that only very small collisions are witnessed in the offices. Apart from these, some offices are designed to look like pubs while others look like walk lanes. With these facilities, coupled with the nap pod created for small rests at work to up to 15 minutes, every person looking for employment, would fall for Google.

Another great thing about the Google offices is that all the materials used for the construction must undergo analysis including the paints to ascertain that they contain a very minimal content of chemicals as possible. Apart from these, the company offers other services such as allocating a garden square to every employee on its premises, keeping a minimum of 1000 bikes on its workplace compound for the workers to have rides and lastly creating of desks with treadmills to facilitate exercises while at work. Regarding the meals, Google offers it's employees a complete set of their meals from breakfast, lunch and such with other snacks as required by the employees. The company is further concerned about the health and safety of the food offered to its employees and therefore marks the foods with red, green and yellow colors according to the healthiness of the foods served. Some of the works available at Google range from, engineering and technology, legal services, finance, design and business strategy. With these diverse fields, Google is the best company I would ever wish to work. The most highly paid employees at Google are the senior software engineers who earn $ 162, 604 followed by the software engineers in the junior category who earn $ 126, 989. These makes the Google employees the highly paid workers by any business organization.

The Driving Force Shaping the Company’s Environment

The business environment created by Google is motivated by the need to stay at the top of the world in the search engine business. While most companies have tried competing with Google, a majority of them have ended up in surrender as Google seems to be unchallenged. Research indicates that Google controls about two-thirds of the searches on the web, followed by Bing and Yahoo. Yahoo and Bing, however, do not seem to challenge it anymore. While many companies like web crawler were undone by Google on the market, it will take a lot of innovation by any company to surpass Google. Google as a company performs poorly regarding work diversity. With a population of over 56,000 employees, only 30 percent are women. Further, out of the total workforce, the white employees account for 60 percent, while Asians form 31 percent of the workforce.  The 9 percent is covered by other communities and races with a very small representation of the Latinos and the African Americans which places it as a very discriminatory company. Further regarding career advancement, there is very minimal chances of any promotion, the reason being; the work is not determined by the boss but rather a colleague. It doesn’t matter, however, because the salary scale is good enough and the organization does not operate with management structures but rather gives all its employees an opportunity to be creative on their own with very minimal supervision. While it’s difficult for a promotion, those who distinguish themselves will certainly be promoted though not easily.

Google is further driven by an ethical code that is envisioned by the motto “Don’t be devil.” In this code, Google ensures that all its employees are liable for any unethical business conduct carried out by any of its employees. Google expects it employees to treat each other with respect and promote both personal and financial integrity.As a corporation, therefore, Google is geared towards promoting morality and integrity while carrying out its business. Lastly, technological innovation has played a very major role towards its growth today. For example, while the company launched as a merely search engine company, a lot of innovations including the autocomplete, the translations, direction and traffic, universal search, mobile screens as well as answers by Google options are just but some of the innovations that make Google a tech-giant today. The secret behind the innovations is the google meetings that the company holds to generate ideas from members and the confidentiality policy their members operate.

Google Policies and Practices, and how They Affect the Employees and the Organization

Google operates on strict policies and practices which have served to preserve its dominance in the world, in the technological sector. One of the policies is the confidentiality policy. This policy applies to all employees and is geared towards preserving the user’s data as well as well as keep secret the innovations to avoid leaking out to the public before the official launch or copywriting. Data such as personal information regarding the names, place of birth, marital status, curriculum vitae, and photos are private and confidential information and must be preserved. The importance of this policy is that enhances the trust of the company and therefore selling out a lot which in return leads to good salaries to the employees. Further, the organization can develop as the policy keeps its innovations safe from leaking.

Another policy is the payment policy which enables the spouses to a deceased worker at Google to get half of the salary for ten years after the death of the spouse. This policy is aimed at the sustenance of the families of the workers and thus boost the morale of the workers to perform better. While the company looks into the welfare of its employees, it also benefits in that huge profits accrue to it, and the workers can be innovative in their product designs.

Work Practices in the US Affected by Diversity

One of the practices affecting the workplace attitudes in the US is the need for diversity and inclusion at the workplace. Due to the historical injustices committed against the immigrant communities like the African Americas, the Asians, and the Latinos, etc., the question of eradicating discrimination through inclusion is always core. Another practice is the inclusion of women into the workforce and management of the organizations. In the case of Google, one of the strategies that may be implemented, to enhance diversity is to come up with a formula on the minimum percentage of women to be employed, the minimum number of women in the managerial positions as well as the minimum percentage of nonwhites to work in the company. Currently, for example, the whites make up 60 percent of the company employees, Asians at 31 percent and the rest at 9 percent. This proportion seems quite imbalanced.


In conclusion, Google is my dream employment company. The company offers very attractively and satisfactory pay, it gives rooms for the advancement of knowledge and provides other benefits like free meals, leisure activities and other allowances. The working environment is quite serene and gives room for creativity and innovation. Other policies including the payment of half salary to a spouse of a deceased person for ten years is also very attractive. In general, the company only needs to work on its workforce diversity strategy, and it will be very perfect.

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What Makes the Best Workplace and Why essay

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