Electrical Engineer essay

A course in electrical engineering prepares people for careers in the sectors like automotive, mechanical, aeronautical and energy engineering. Electrical engineers work in various dissimilar kinds of businesses ranging from massive manufacturing companies to small enterprises. Electrical engineers manufacture and maintain all types of electrical equipment used across diverse sectors. As an electrical engineer, I am involved in the project design, concept stage and production processes. To become a successful electrical engineer, transferable skills, technical skills and specific knowledge are imperative and overly indispensable (Maxfield, 2008). Time management, communication skills, logical planning, project management, effective decision-making, detail orientation, problem solving skills and creativity are important in electrical engineering. Electrical engineers determine the use of electronics in a project. They design parts and circuits of computer electronics. Finally, they create prototypes and test products. As an electrical engineer, it is important to ensure that projects benefit people and ease a job.

Electrical engineers work in utilities and energy, manufacturing, pharmaceutical fields and science, management and business sectors. For me, designing and developing newfangled electrical equipment, testing devices and solving problems constitute my daily responsibilities. Additionally, I receive satisfaction when working with all types of electronic machines ranging from large supercomputers to small pocket devices. Electrical engineers deal with electro-magnetism, electronics and electricity. Moreover, electrical engineering covers signal processing, telecommunications, control systems and power (McAlpine, 2006). These engineers give premium to electrical systems like power transmission as well as motor control and utilization of electricity in the transmission of energy. As electrical engineers, we work with different technologies like wiring and lighting buildings, designing household appliances, telecommunication systems, satellite communications and power stations. Computer-aided software helps in planning designs. However, these ideas may be sketched by hand. Electrical engineers remove bugs that inhibit the functioning of equipment.

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Electrical Engineer essay

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