A Memoir about the Impact of a Teacher essay

All teachers try to be role models for their students and influence their life in a positive way. However, not all teachers manage to make a strong impact on their students. There is always a teacher who vividly stands out from the rest. The strongest impact on my life was produced by my Healthcare teacher. My teacher not only provided me with the necessary theoretical knowledge and motivated me to study harder, but also impacted me as a person and helped me to find my aim in life by showing by his own example how to put knowledge into practice and offer a helping hand to people who need help.


At the beginning of my studies, I was not such a good student as I am now. I had a lack of motivation because I did not have any aim in my life. When I first saw my Healthcare teacher, he was so motivated and passionate about healthcare. At his lectures, he was trying to make us as interested in healthcare as he was. His lectures were always very informative, interesting, and required our active participation. The teacher managed to explain to the whole class how important the life of a person is and how honorable it is to be able to save lives. With each lecture, I became more and more interested in healthcare and finally found my goal in life – to become a doctor and save people. I became more organized and improved my grades. Therefore, I owe my academic success to my Healthcare teacher.

The fact that a teacher is proud to be teaching Healthcare is extremely motivating for students/. However, what actually made a difference in my life was a real-life situation in which my teacher saved a person right in front of my eyes. One day, a girl at the cafeteria choked because of a sandwich and could not breathe. My Healthcare teacher immediately ran to the girl and told her that everything will be all right. The teacher stood behind her and made several abdominal thrusts to clear the blockage in the girl’s throat. Abdominal thrusts are the most effective while helping the choking person. The blockage was successfully removed and the girl was able to breathe normally again. This was the changing point in my life when I understood that I want to be the same hero as my teacher.

The impact produced by my Healthcare teacher resulted in the significant change of my personality. I not only became a motivated and successful student and set my aim to become a doctor, but also started helping people in my daily life whenever I can. Since the day when my teacher saved the girl from choking, I managed to save a girl from drowning by conducting CPR. Also, I helped a man who broke his leg to get to the hospital.

To conclude, the most significant impact on my life was made by my Healthcare teacher. He managed to not only provide me with theoretical knowledge and motivate to study, but also influenced me as a person and helped me to find my life goal because he showed by his own example how to put knowledge into practice and helped people who needed aid.

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A Memoir about the Impact of a Teacher essay

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