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Michael Jordan Statue

Images, drawings or sculptures are designed to communicate certain message to the viewer at first site. A good sculpture or message does not need to have long explanations on it for any person to understand what or who it portrays. Most of the works displayed on the public areas are designed to honour certain heroic characters or to communicate some message about culture or heritage of certain community or society. Therefore, an individual who has knowledge of a certain area and the community that lives there does not need a statue theoretical work in order to know what it portrays. The appearance of any famous image should not be confused with any other and has to portray posture of the activities undertaken by the individuals or the item that has been designed and erected on a public place. For example, if it is a statue or a sculpture representing a legend in football for his/her country, then the image of football environment should appear well and clear. Footballers also swim maybe for leisure, but these side activities should not overdo the main one and the ones the legend established and known with by the society. This paper analyzes basketballer Michael Jordan statue in IL. The paper describes the ability of the statue and its ability to communicate its intention to the viewers. The ability of the statue to portray historical and social realities.

By looking at the statue for the first time, the viewer can easily notice that the character displayed is a national figure and was a national basketball player. In the minds of the on-lookers, there is a sense that the character portrayed should have won many awards and honors in the game and was a great professional in that field. Michael Jordan was a great player and contributed much to the building of the Chicago basketball team and motivated others in the United States. Without even reading the history of MJ either in books or the internet, one can easily get the details of the personality from the statue. These personality details include; the height and the ability that he had to jump over the opponents in the field while possessing the ball and making magnificent shots. The sculpture shows MJ on the high point than other people on the surrounding area which maybe the opponents or his team members.

As stated by Galyean and Hughes (1991), the messages portrayed on the images should give a picture of the real event and that there should be no fictions whatsoever on the image. A viewer who has known the personality or the image described should not go to search for the hidden meaning of the character portrayed. The MJ statue has his exact height, and his T-shirt/jersey bears his original field number 23. Therefore, it is very difficult for one to confuse him with another person. By the first look, on the great work done by the designer, an image of the person represented forms in the mind and together with what he did. The well designed Spalding basketball that is with the person sculpture gives a clear impression of the arena in which the represented hero was a professional.

On the social and historical realities, the statue self explains its importance to the society as various basketball teams meet there to discuss the way forward. In the case of tournaments and important or iconic games events, this is a meeting place. Therefore, in the world of basketball, the statue has a created a social reality that people all around the world recognize and respect MJ for what he has achieved. Since its placement there, the statue has not only shown the image of MJ but it has also described other individuals in the basketball history. The marvelous work done by the personality represented by the statue and his team is a history that will roll in generations after generations (The story behind Michael Jordan's Spirit, n.d.).

Michael Jordan statue is the most famous sculpture in the whole of Chicago. It is a twelve feet sculpture that weighs 2000 pounds. The statue is formally known as a spirit due to its inspiration to basketball players. It was made immediately after Jordan’s initial retirement. The process of making the sculpture involved several meetings with the player and took his measurements and photos. A couple Julie Rotblatt-Amrany and Omri created the sculpture. The design gives a real representation of Jordan. Bronze and lost wax was used to make Michael Jordan's sculpture, light bronze it makes possible to support the body above the air. Stainless steel triple steel post is used to support the 2, 000 pounds of bronze. The stainless steel post proved to be the best since it can withstand all types of weather, and it is not prone to rusting. Bronze provides the appropriate weight that can be supported in the air with ease. The bronze is hollow and suspends in the air with only steel post and without an internal structure. The material can also withstand strong winds and so it proves to be the most suitable. The sculpture unveils the full nature of Jordan's spectaculars skills. The sculpture has all the achievements of Jordan written on it. The sculpture has motivated many basketball players, and many players have emulated his skills. The words written on it portrays a perfection in the game, they are also frequent reminders of Michael Jordan's achievements.'

The sculpture gives a picture of Jordan struggling his opponent and about to score. It brings an illusion of a fight as his leg steps on the neck of his opponent. At this point, he is prepared to unveil to the world his signature dunks. The suspension of the sculpture in the air portrays victory. It shows there is nothing to bring him down. Just as the two artists Omri and Rotblatt-Amrany quotes, ‘‘it’s is a depiction of perfection that is free from all the laws of art’’ (Michael Jordan statue at the United Center, n.d.).

The sculpture is an inspiration to may in the world of art. Many people travel from far to go and have a look of the sculpture. Therefore, it has contributed a lot in the history of sports and tourism. The sculpture creates the spirit of ambition as it flies above the air. He is above his player, and nothing seems to bring him down. The art captures all the four dimensions of art that is; time, depth, width and length. The sculpture stands on a black granite base signifying a strong grip on the earth which prepares the audience for a great leap above.

In conclusion, by reflecting on the piece of art, the artist created the sculpture with inner motivation of sport. The artists provide a real reflection of Michael Jordon with inspiring words endorsed in it. It is a source of inspiration to basketball players all over the world. Having his body suspended in the air and above his opponents gives players the encouragement and motivation of winning the game. It also provides a history of one of the best players in the world. The statue portrays the history of the prayer to the audience even without the background information about the prayer. The statue has a created a social reality that people all around the world recognize and respect Michael Jordan for what he has achieved.

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Michael Jordan essay

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