Migration essay

Why People Migrate

People have been migrating from one region to another since time immemorial. Migration has always been a result of voluntary or involuntary desire to migrate. This has been the case since migration has started and continues even up to today. Migration occurs due to the nature of people seeking better living conditions either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Globalization has created many job opportunities for people in every corner of the world. People migrate in pursuit for better paid jobs that are available in other regions. Countries such as the United States of America have the green card program that has appeared due to large amount of people migrating to the United States. There are people working as immigrants in every country of the world. This is the most encouraged and popular form of migration because it is done voluntarily and is beneficial to all parties involved.

Conflicts and wars in different countries forced people migrate to other countries where there is peace. This is common in Africa where a number of countries have been experiencing wars for the last decade. Consequently, people in these regions migrate to neighboring countries where peace prevails. Educated people from these countries seek asylum in European countries and settle there, getting well-paid jobs and settling there with their families and relatives. This is involuntary migration that is also likely to be in existence as long as there is violence and conflicts in different countries.

Globalization has also enabled people to intermarry. As a result of international marriages people have to migrate to the country of the other person. This has resulted to racial diversity in many countries and made the world more open because people find love from any country and settle there, raising children who are accepted in the society even if they are half casts. This is voluntary migration and is on the increase especially now when the internet dating is available. People from different countries are meeting in the social media and marry.

Migration is always a result of people looking for greener pastures. This is a trend that will grow as the world becomes more accommodative to people from different cultures and countries. Involuntary migration is likely to decrease because since peace efforts increase voluntary migration will increase as well.

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Migration essay

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