My Father essay

My Father is My Idol

Fathers are mythological and psychological giants within a family, and a nation. A healthy father guides, instructs, protects, nurtures and adores his children. An ideal father would sense what his children needed and then seek a way to provide it. Fathers welcome children into the world. An ideal father supports his children in becoming whom they most want to be.

Fortunately, my father is such an idol for me. I am a lucky one to have a father that meets my emotional, psychological, intellectual, biological, and spiritual needs. He is simply out in the world being fully present, sensitive, kind, generous and strong. It means to me too much because his presence strengthens me. In my life, his wisdom guided me through some dark and difficult days. On Father’s Day it is him I think of fondly; the way he loves me has long impressed me. Admittedly, he has a major impact on my life. He has always impressed me with his integrity, humor, charm, loyalty, imagination, fortitude and his dreams. I thank my father for his love and understanding. He teaches me indelible lessons about life and how to live it. Often I blame myself that I did not recognize his real contribution until many years later, when his voice continually resurfaces, rescues, guides and inspire me – over and over again. I know I would not be where I am today without my father’s support and love. Actually, my father had traveled to all the ancient lands, and he brought a lot of photos to bring those cultures back to life. Secretly, in my childhood, I slavered over these secret worlds, fascinating people, and the puzzles of political intrigue he shared. I found myself more desperate to hear his stories than to wag class at school. He gave me something to look forward each day and kudos for behaving myself. My father imparted wisdom that stayed with me for now, and I am sure it would stay with me forever.

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My Father essay

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