Patience & Qualification Professional Selling essay

Patience is an important thing to use in life and business since it helps the person to deal with various decisions and issues. For example, when my father wants to make decisions about his business, he demonstrates patience so that he does not end up losing the business deals or his own money. Also, patience allows him to have better chances in achieving success in business especially when working with his business partners. What I understand from the article is that all of the scuffle these days concerns the companies and whether they know how the marketing goes with the other organizations. So, whenever they want to change the marketing strategy with another company, they should be patient to see how the current marketing environment looks like. Only then, they should make their move. Another example is when people want to open a store or start a new business; then, they also have to be patient. For instance, one should be patient in case one wants to own a business in the social media or retail store; unless he or she waits and learns important information, the person will not sell anything. The individual has to follow some steps like choosing good quality products as well as unique strategy and good location for the stores; these are the points I took from the article. For example, the seller tried to sell the products to the consumers who in turn changed their minds regarding paying at this point. Therefore, when the consumers do not want to buy the products, the seller should choose a different approach to market the product. So, the seller should advertise the products on the website, and when consumers see the ads online, they will be willing to buy the products because they think the quality of the products is good.

The article “Education Issues--Student Perspectives--Academic Issues” mentioned the issue the students go through in their pursuit of education these days. Currently, there is competition between students in terms of education since a lot of them think that competition in school has to lead to further productivity. The article has an important idea for the ambitious students; it states that they have to take a stance and move fast forward to become more successful and accomplished. This, in turn, will be helpful for the student to think more about their later choices and make good decisions in the future. Also, it can help with the job that they will have after graduating or getting even higher level of education, for instance, if they are willing to have a Master’s degree or PhD. The article suggests that the students who have taken the cross – meaning moved fast forward - are more likely to get good jobs and do well in various organizations.  They will be able to meet the requirements of whatever job they are looking for, and they will also be more attractive for the potential employers who may ask them about their achievements. This is a huge difference between the students who took the cross since they are intellectually stronger than the students who did not take the cross (p. 71). In addition, they may influence their working place especially when they enter a big, but ol-fashioned company because there, they become the voices for innovation due to their deep knowledge (p. 72). Such employees will help the company to perform better due to their skills (p. 72).

The article “Who Really Drives the Development of Post-Qualifying Social Work Education” talks about the relationship between the students and social work. It also talks about the government and education. The high educational standards among the social workers imply they will be more trained to match and satisfy the needs of the modern world (2009, p. 65).  For example, the DR has to be well trained because his or her job involves dealing with people’s health, and people have to trust his or her abilities. In case he or she is not well trained, it is impossible to fulfill the social needs. Also, when it comes to the foreign students in education or social work, the government is trying to make them meet the high standards. The government pushes the internationals by looking at their academics, and this, in turn, will make them more experienced in social work, so they will also be willing to pursue higher education further (2009, p. 65).

The main focus of the article “Evaluation of a Toll for Rating Popular Diet Books” is a search and evaluation of the diet books because nowadays, there are many magazines and diet books for the readers. The article will be helpful when choosing a magazine and diet books in order to get good results on matters relating to health. For example, nowadays, a person can find a lot of magazines and diet books that claim they can help an individual to lose 5 pounds in a week, but in reality, the diet does not lead to the results it claims.  Therefore, the main point of the study is to find some good books and magazines. The authors did a survey containing 22 questions in order to learn more information about the daily energy and weight loss. In the end, they found out that only five put of twenty five books led to the described results.  The article is important for the people who want to lose weight. For example, when I decided to lose weight, I had a difficult time because I could not find a good book. However, when I asked a professional on these kinds of diet books, he helped me find a good book. So, I have been losing weight from the first month of the year up to now. I used to be 105 kg, and right now I am 82 kg. I suggest that when people want to buy good things, they should either consult professionals or read the articles like the one described in order to find good books (Nutrition & Dietetics, 2003, p. 185).

In the article “Salesmen and Sales Managers Look at the District Manager”, the author presents sales teams, and each team has a different manager in every district. Therefore, the article researches the jobs of the manager and district manager. The authors also focus on the attributes that are required for the employees on the different levels within the sales teams (Spencer, 1972, p. 98).  There, the employees on different levels need to have a different amount of experience because each one of them needs to build  a particular relationship with consumers and the market. It is especially important to work with the consumers because without them, the employee cannot sell the product.  The sales team levels are closely linked the abilities of the managers. For example, if a person is a manager in the company, he or she has to be a good leader for the team. The leadership is extremely important because it is an essential part of the communication, so all the district managers have to be good leaders (Spencer, 1972, p. 99).

In the article “Making a Successful Transition from Academe to Industry”, the author mentions the hard time for the all of the students who want to have a higher degree. The author also speaks about the challenges of the students who have just graduated and have Master’s degrees or PhD and are eager to find jobs that would fit their requirements (Kelly, 2010, p. 1).

One of the major sacrifices is the fact that the students may not get the job they are seeking; therefore, they may get a job which would be very different from their expectations since their goals after graduation  are not based on rational assumptions and practical grounds. Most goals the graduates have can only be achievable in the ideal world; however, in the real life, the implication of these goals may be difficult (Kelly, 2010, p. 1).

The students should know how to market themselves before different companies; for instance they have to show that they have the skills which are important for the company they want to work for.  Some of the companies are not interested in having people with good teaching skills because they are more interested in people who have good communication, management and leadership skills (Kelly, 2010, p. 1). For example, some of the companies want to hire employees with strong communication skills so the workers will be able to communicate with different organizations later on. The management skills are a necessity for an employee in order to work within a certain company. Further, the leadership skills can provide a person with the skills needed to be a good manager of a company. 

In the article “Take a Professional to Lunch: A Process to Establish a Professional Network”, the author mentions that the educational life for students ends when they start a professional life (Butler, p. 4). The students use the skills they get in universities to build strong and healthy relations with the customers. The author suggests an original way to build the relationships in business through inviting professionals to have a personal meeting or a dinner together (Butler, p. 3). For example, when I had my internship, I approached the organization’s manager, and he introduced me to the employers, so it was a successful result of personal communication. People often have dinners with various professionals and potential employers in order to establish good relations, but that does not necessarily mean getting a job. However, the people succeed because they reach the main goal which is about establishing a good relationship since it will help the students later on (Butler, p. 6). The students might have better chances within organizations in which they have established good relationships with employers, and they may also perform better in their work in the future.

In the article “Honing Your Marketing Skills”, the author highlights eight different personalities. It is important to be successful in marketing, which means exhibiting and developing good marketing personality that results in better business growth (Vass, 2005).  It is an important attribute when working for the company because the organization always needs to work with the new customers taking into account that customers are important ingredients for business growth. When customers get used to buying their products from a particular company or business, it is important to make them regular clients despite the competition and the rivals. However, the customer will always make sure that he or she buys from the company whose products fit their needs and preferences. The CEO has to make sure that the company exhibits a good level of confidence because the CEO is the authority of the company who has to oversee that everything is going in the right direction. For example, many customers are willing to purchase the Apple brand because Apple is presented as a trustworthy company. One of the important things in business is patience because patience helps dealing with the problems and issues connected with the clients. The CEO influence the team regarding certain matters, and he or she also has the energy to execute new ideas within the company. The way the CEO treats employees is important because it can contribute to successful marketing (Vass, 2005).

In the article “Patience, Know-How: Keys to a Successful Buy Decision”, the author mentions that the patience is necessary part of the people’s lives. The author further adds that having patience is getting more important in marketing and business because nowadays, there are more options due to information in the intranet and online which helps customers to compare products (Feiertag, 2014). The manager sometimes has a difficult time answering some of the questions, especially if he or she lacks patience. Further, patience is a requirement when a person presents new products because some of the marketers fail to succeed selling their product even after they convince the buyer. However, some of them will sell their products after a little conversation even though it depends on the consumers’ needs and whether the product assists to address them. For example, when I go the mall, I have a specific idea about the clothes I want to buy. Therefore, the marketing should reflect the relationship between the product and the customer because marketers want to make the customers feel like the need a certain product. In some cases, the marketers explain the product to the customers even if they do not need the product at the moment, and this represents the example of poor marketing (Feiertag, 2014). In this situation, the manager needs to evaluate the products at the end of the season. However, the manager should analyze the mistakes before doing the evaluation.  

In the article “Insider Outsider Sales Management Succession”, the author talks about the fact that the students should have certain expectations and preparations in order to make the transition from academic life to the professional one. They have to obtain important skills that benefit them after graduating and entering the industry. In order to succeed in the industry, the students must obtain skills in communication and group work. For example, it is recommended that the students join companies as interns to get a perspective of the industry in the real life (Crockettb, 1987, p. 2).

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Patience & Qualification Professional Selling essay

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