Success Definition essay

How do you define success?

People have defined success differently in most cases the word is connected to money. The meaning of success is subjective to the person who is using it. It can make sense from a micro and Macro level. If only one person or a small group of people attain their goals in life then they can be said to be successful from a macro point of view, if a business is able to meet its targets and satisfy its customer then on it can be said to be successful. A country has its own targets that it wants to meet to be successful. I don’t think there is the right or the wrong definition of life however an individual or the concerned institution definition is the correct one. This paper will not dwell on the Macro definition of success but I will discuss the meaning of success from my own point of view (Spenser, 2010).

Many people equate success with money; there is truth in that and some false in the same statement. Everybody would like to have money to buy this and that in life, however the means through which one gets the money is the point of concern, let’s take an example, prostitution is a paying career, one can make a lot of money through the trade, but is the trade ethically in the society, I would consider this to be unsuccessful although she has money, but incase the money was out of a successful profession, then the person can b said to be successful.

According to me, life is not all about money there are many things that make life worth living. Happiness comes from various angles and corners, every human being has one goal in life that is to minimize sore and maximize happiness. When someone has made it to be happy, then that is the first step o being successful. Happiness comes from within a person; it is the resultant of attaining what somebody has planned to have as well having the right health. Surely life has a certain element that money has to play, there are things that must be done with money, but actually money is not everything it cannot buy everything. Other than physical and emotional health, one needs to be psychologically healthy. When I am physically, emotionally and psychologically healthy, I feel that I am happy.

There are long-term and short term definitions of success, this means that I define success according to the goals that I want to attain in a particular year. At the start of the year, I take time and write down the things that I want to attain in that particular year, I make the list according to the potential that I have or the expectations that I have ion that particular year. When making this plan, I assume that I will be healthy and of sound mind the entire year, so the start point of success according to me is being of the right health and sound mind the entire year. To attain my set goals for the year, there is the input that I am required to put for my success. At the end of the year, I sit down again and evaluate my performance during that particular year. If I have attained them, then I can regard myself successful during that year. If there are something’s that I have not been able to attain then I reflect on it to know the reason, once again if the reason was my own making I regard myself as unsuccessful. I do not have the two words successful or unsuccessful, but I have a percentage of either. This means that if out of the things that I had planned to do, I made 9 out of ten then I am 90% successful. The opposite is true; I will be 10% unsuccessful. The above is a case of a short term definition of successful (Vega, 2010).

Let me define my long-term successes, since I was a child, I wanted to be a banker, I also has the aim to have my real estate business. So far there is the progress that I have taken in line with the dream. If I attain the dream, I will consider myself successful. This is how I have worked for my long success goals.

My career inspiration is to be a banker. This is in the recognition of the need to have a banking system and the benefits that comes with the career. To get to the desired point; that is to be a full certified banker of my country, it will take short, medium, and long terms career developments. In the short term it embarks with taking courses in banking. This is a professional qualification that is learnt in stages. At the initial stage it is general banking principles, this is at certificate level whereby it takes a period of at least two years. If one does not complete the course within the period, the banker’s body disqualifies him from taking further studies in the course. The second stage of the course is the technical level. This is equivalent to a college diploma level. At this stage, one can start the course after he has successfully completed and passed the certificate level. This stage involves accounting standards and principals all along. If I attain these goals I will consider myself successful.

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Success Definition essay

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