Swimming essay


Swimming makes the skin lose a lot of moisture which results to dehydration. The skin contains a thin layer which covers the epidermis and keeps the cells and tissue hydrated. Normally, the skin oils stay intact until it is washed away by some substances (Nagle, 2009). Most swimming pools contain chemicals which take away the skin oil. Similarly, plain water also damages the skin as well. Soaking in water destroys the protective layer of the oil, thus allowing the skin to get dry. When the skin gets dry, one feels itchy and also the skin becomes scaly and flaky.

For one to ensure that the body remains hydrated one requires taking a lot of water. One also requires using skin spray in order to prevent the skin from getting dehydrated and feeling parched as a result of salty water from the sea or chemicals in the swimming pool. One also requires having scented body lotion (Bragg, 2005). This is necessary because after one goes to swim, the scented lotion will help to keep the skin supple and moist. One should also use beach shower to rinse off the pool or the ocean water.
Most swimming pools are treated with chlorine or bromine and therefore, it is necessary that people should take a shower immediately after swimming using a mild soap in order to remove irritating substances and also to lubricate the skin (Nagle, 2009).


Skin hydration is very important especially when swimming. This is because water destroys the outer thin layer of the skin thus causing skin dehydration. One should have the necessary products and lotion to keep the skin hydrated and to prevent it from being destroyed by the chemicals in the water. More so, one should take enough water to compensate for the lost water during swimming.

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Swimming essay

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