Real Life Management Experiences essay

The economy of the modern work is very challenging today, as businesses and organizations need look for the way in order to remain competitive at the market and have stable growth. The role of the manager is to ensure that the mentioned criteria are met through teamwork and that the people of the company have common vision. This all comes through the real life management experiences that help to build proper competencies and gain knowledge how to act in the further situations. Moreover, intuition and personal insight plays also a very important role. The one of the biggest challenges that every person has in life is related to work with people, as unlike machines and objects, there can never be everything fully predicted, while ethical issue and dilemmas, as well diversity in personalities and complexity of human characters makes the task even harder. Thus, the real life experiences of managers seem to prove that there are many individuals who succeed and lead their teams as well as organization to stable growth and continuous improvements. Thereafter the objective of the following paper is to discuss the real life management experiences and what factors have contributed to its success.

To start with, this is important to mention that real life management experiences are about being a leader. Leadership is an innate ability, which still should be developed and the usage of different styles of leadership behavior can help to succeed. The most common leadership styles include servant leadership, people-oriented leadership, task-oriented leadership and others. The management experiences include the close interaction of people who are leaders with their followers, while such type of relations include leader-member exchange, quality, justice and other important factors. Leadership involves multiple qualities and variations such as motives, gender and sex, relationship within a group, diversity and others. The real life management experiences of the past include such strong leaders as Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Indira Gandhi and others. Researchers have started to look into identification of the exact personal factors of leadership, while proactive traits include capability, responsibility, achievement, participation, status and responsiveness. If to speak about real life management experiences, the example with the supply chain manager should be given, as the high level of responsiveness is required in order to meet the flexibility needs and constantly changing demand figures. Supply chain manager should have high level of responsiveness in order to demonstrate successful performance achievement and this demonstrates that proper managerial decisions are in place as the overall efficiency of the organization is improved. The high level of responsiveness is to help to meet the customers’ needs and improve the overall performance of the organization.

Thus, there is darker side of management that should be mentioned in the following paper that is about managerial incompetency. Competent managers have an ability to build strong teams as well as receive the results through other by developing and motivating their followers. Thus, many managers can show incompetent behaviour in real life management experiences, as once they occupy higher position in a hierarchical level they might become greedy and abuse their power. Thus, those managers who show proper behavioral competencies such as knowledge of business, drive, integrity, motivation and others, have power to do revelations and rive changes in order to ensure that business is growing and getting competitive advantage.

The real life management experiences are closely connected with the emergence of leaders, which have certain power and behavioral characterizes. Managers are usually assigned with certain tasks, or projects that eventually become successful or face failure. Moreover, every organization is looking for people, which can influence the behavior of others and drive changes, which is an integral part of real life management experiences. Natural leaders are not simply individuals who do the assigned task and job, but those who are not afraid to take the challenge and experience certain events that would lead either to success or to failure. Actually, real life management experiences are about dealing with diversity as well, which should be smartly managed as it can help to increase the efficiency of the group members and help to generate more ideas.

If to speak about real life management experiences related to gender and sex, there is evidence that no differences exist. Unfortunately, business world might see it is a challenging process to appoint women in CEO and a real life example can be taken from Twitter Company, which has headquarters in Silicon Valley, USA. The report known as Initial Public Offerings (IPO) has been presented to the public and the data related to the gender characteristics showed huge inequality. Thus, Twitter has promised to look in the mentioned issue in the near future and set certain steps to improve the situation. Women have been demonstrating a very successful job in terms of managerial experience and the example to that can be the CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi. The company where she works is considered to have one of the best leadership talent management systems among many common organizations in the world, while it includes competency models usage, intelligence and personality assessments, 360-degree feedback tools, unit performance indexes and in-basket simulations. The benefit that the mentioned system bring can be seen on Indra Nooyi who is ranked as one of the twelve most powerful women in the world and the second in the list of the most powerful businesswoman listed by Forbes. Being grown in Indian and graduating from Madras Christian College, Indra Nooyi has also got a postgraduate diploma from the Indian Institute of Management. Further in her career she has obtained a diploma from the Yale School of Management. During her studies at the colleague, she was a part of the musical band, while now she is a very positive and very funny person while providing her speeches. She is famous for starting a controversy in 2005 during her speech at the Columbia Business Scholl, when graduated have heard her stating that “we must be careful that when we extend our arm in either a business or a political sense, we take pains to ensure we are giving a hand … not the finger.”

Indra Nooyi has emigrated to United Staes in 1989, while prior to that she has been working as a product manager in the textile firm known as Mettur Beardsell and owned by Johnson and Johnson. Right after the graduation from Yale, she had a job as a consultant within The Boston Consulting Group. Her real life management experiences include further development of her career as she has occupied a senior leadership positions at Asea Brown Boveri and Motorola, while she has been working at PepsiCo since 1994 after that. There she has played a very important role in terms of spin-off of Tricon, which has later remained into Yum! Brands Inc. In PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi was also responsible for Quaker Oats and Tropicana brand acquisition which took place in 1990’s. In 2001, she has been promoted to become a chief executive officer and occupied a position of CEO in 2006. Being on a such position requires a lot of responsibility and management experiences, as the company has around 300,000 employees and approximately $6 billion of annual revenue across the all sites worldwide. The major products of sale are Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dole, Lipton, Tropicana, Aquafina, Gatorade, Rice-n-Roni, Quaker Oats, Life Cereal, Ruffle, Lays and Doritos. Under her management, the organization has made many innovations and developed new products as well as marketing programs that is related to the liberal use of the cross-cultural advisory team and is now responsible for the management of more than 20 brands that actually generate around $1 bullion revenues from sales every year.

The part of the real life management experiences by Indra Nooyi include the fact that she has decide to give much emphasis on the brand development strategy and this was actually rather high leadership challenge. The incident that occurred in 2006 has reported that alleged data that both Pepsi and Coke products included high amounts of pesticides within them, while even despite that this information was not truthful, the name of the brand has suffered a lot and this brought massive loses in the developing market. Indra Nooyi has done a lot to restore the faith into a brand and bring back its popularity, so the public would be confident that the products are safe and can be trusted. The PepsiCo CEO has done that through building appositive image by investing a lot into research and innovation of healthier products and snacks.

Another interesting example of the real life management experience can be demonstrated on the example with Howard Schultz, who was working as a CEO of Starbucks and has shifted the way the company was operating. Established in 1971, the famous coffee shop company was totally different from what we see today, as the major changes were implemented when Howard Schultz has occupied the position of the director and has managed to reframe the business. He has joined the company in 1981 and has been working as a head of retail store operations and marketing. In 1983 he has a trip to Italy, where he was impressed by the variety of coffees that local coffee shops has offered to the visitors and the number was about 1,500 variations of coffee bars in one city only. After that, he has decided to incorporate his brilliant idea within the operating business outlets of Starbucks in Seattle, which is about changing the whole concept why people would attend the coffee shop and make it from product-offering area into a place of gathering and getting a pleasant experience.

Even though the idea was clear and was easily communicated, Howard Schultz has faced such real life management experience, as defense and resistance from the executives of the company, as Starbucks was only operating as retailing business unit, but not a bar or a restaurant. The idea of the reframing was actually vindicated and only by chance Howard Schultz had an opportunity to purchase the whole department and get the concept to be introduced. The company has managed to get the popularity all round the world only due to extreme leadership skills that Howard Schultz introduced within organization that led it to the position it has today.

The successful example of another leader and his real life management experiences can be demonstrated with Michael Dell, who is a co-founder of a famous company known as Dell Inc. The company that he started is one of the most successful in the world with the overall annual sales equal up to $50 billion. Michael Dell was named in the shortlist of the 25 wealthiest people in the world according to Forbes, as he reported to won around $16 billion as of 2013. In 2007, he has also got in the list of the most influential people in the business world named but USA Today, as he has occupied the 17 place.

Michael Dell was not afraid to take a challenge and start his own company within only $1,000 in 1984 as a starting capital, while he dared to do everything in his university dorm and managed to build and sell personal computers based on the spare part taken from the stock. In 1988 the company was renamed and estimated cost of it was around $80 million. During the interview, Michael Dell has told that part of his real life management experience he has faced multiple challenges and the most important part is to have a lot of referent or personal power. The company has experienced certain issues known as “Michael said”, which is an example that referent power is not very useful. It was related to the situation when Michael Dell was personally visiting production site and has asked an operator what can be improved within his working space and activities. The operator suggested to introduce the red and the green coloring of wires. Everything went smooth, until some of the assembly line workers have jammed the process of production due to refusal to put green cables as it what was “Michael said”. Such a real life management experiences can show that leaders sometimes might be misunderstood and they have to be ready to deal with different types of issues.

In conclusion, this is relevant to mention that during the real life management experiences mangers have the ability to gain capabilities and get the insight how to make the right decisions, which is a critical process in order to run the project and the company successfully. The most-common capabilities to me are sense-making and relating (The Saylor Foundation). Actually the real life management experiences also shape the style of leadership in terms of collaboration gad team building abilities. The following paper has made an attempt to discuss only a few leaders, who are very powerful and both popular, as their dedication and hard work, as well as brilliant leadership skills have helped their companies to upgrade and move on a higher level. The paper has included a real life management experience that the mentioned individuals were exposed to and the major conclusion can be done that leadership is an ongoing process and there can be successes and failures, but with the strong vision of the targets and support of the followers, everything can be overcome.

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Real Life Management Experiences essay

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