Child Education essay

An education is the second important factor after parenting that has the crucial impact on the development of the child’s individuality. It can be said especially about preliminary school because it is the first biggest experience of social intercommunication in the person’s life. That is why the great responsibility lays on the shoulders of the first teachers whose primary task is to promote the process of child’s identity development by the means of the new knowledge and skills, not to violate it. Only such approach may provide the appropriate quality of education. However, the educational process is characterized by the numerous deviations from this ideal vision. The paper seeks to analyze the aspects of the racial and educational inequity as the significant factor in the social life.

The education is often under the influence of the socio-cultural factors such as social position, religion, cultural and racial belongings. These aspects traditionally are the significant precursors for the financial possibilities of the family that today play a key role almost in all spheres of life, including the education. Thus, the segregated public schools for black and Hispanic students may be a bright example of the educational inequity that is grounded in the racial discrimination. Jonathan Kozol claims that these schools “will ever have the infrastructure and resources of successful white suburban schools” because of its financial support. As the result, the programs, these schools provide the students, are often non-professional and mute the child’s personality making the segregation more distinguished instead of minimizing it. Thus, this fact causes that the organizing of the schooling process and the professional teachers have the biggest influence on the quality of child’s education.

The race of the people is one of the most widespread reasons that promote the prejudices’ appearing in the society. Being in the strong connection with historical and cultural aspects, they determine the social position of the persons, thus their ability to realize the individual needs. Thus, the lives of the two ghetto boys are depicted in the book “Our America” by LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman presents mentioned aspect. The boys who were the bright personalities with the good skills had no chance to implement their aspirations because they were closed in the separate world created by the society. All process the readers can see in the story is caused by the state of doom that the people feel during the whole their life from the early childhood, as the leading character. It is the bright authors’ hint on the aftermaths of the racial discrimination. The limitations connected with the racial inequality may cause the feeling of the discontent in the representatives of the national minorities. It, in its turn, may provoke the social tension that often is the ground for the conflicts, disorders, and protests. Moreover, the people who have limited conditions for their individual developments and face with the social non-recognition tend to the degradation. Aggravation of the crime situation is the first result of such intolerance. Thus, the racial inequality is the one of the acute social issue because it is the primary threat to the social stability as any other manifestations of the discrimination. 

The question of the educational inequality is not less actual than the racial one, but via verse. At first sight, it may seem to be rather simple and does not contain any features of the discrimination. The divisions in the educational programs are considered as the way of meeting the needs of the different pupils. It looks like a clear and obvious fact, but only for those who do not want to see at the root of the issue. The education is called to open the natural abilities and talents of the child, promote their successful development. Since the forming of the personality is enough fragile and responsible missions, only high qualified specialists can implement it in the right way. However, the professional approach is not used in all schools. This fact is the basis for educational inequality, and it has the far-reaching aftermaths. The “reward and sanctions” system was described by Jonathan Kozol in the book “The Shame of the Nation” belong to those programs that mute the child’s nature expressiveness and deepen the inequity as in the education, so as in the society. Thus, the author admitted that in these schools “He found no references to any child’s traits of personality and even physical appearance”. Suppression of personality may cause the appearing of the inferiority complex and frustration. These emotional experiences, gained in the childhood, are saving in the person’s conscious for long years. It is the ground of the diverse inner individual states' existence, such as depressions, an inability of professional self-fulfillment, maintaining the friendship and building the strong family. Failure in the primary spheres of the human life being makes the people unhappy, disappointed and angry at the whole world. Thus, the non-professional educational approach generates the people with deviant behavior that often turn them into the socially dangerous representatives of the community. The educational inequality is the ground for the degradation of the whole society; that is why it is the biggest social problem of all times.  

Because of existing racial prejudices the representatives of the minorities rather often remind behind the access to the numerous opportunities. They have no chance to get decent work and, obviously, are not able to provide an appropriate level of education for their children. It is a pity, but the situation when “more experienced instructors teach the children of privileged and the least experienced are sent to teach the children of minorities” is rather widespread. Thus, racial inequality is the precursor for the educational inequality, and, via verse, bad education creates the condition for the prejudices’ existence that causes the different types of discrimination. It is the primary feature of the interconnection between the racial and educational inequalities.

The majority of the mentioned aspects of educational inequality Jonathan Kozol described by in his book “Shame of the Nation”. The author shows the negative impact of the segregated educational system on the children and even on the teacher who have a decent professional level. He reveals the irreparable damage that can be caused by the system through picturing the numerous samples of children’s perception of it. The primary Jonathan Kozol’s message about the threat of the educational inequality that promotes “further deepen the division of society” may be read between the lines throughout the whole book.

The racial inequality is one of the manifestations of mentioned social divisions. How it can change the people’s life, and influence the child’s development LeAlan Jones, and Lloyd Newman show the reader in their book “Our America”. Describing the difficult life of two ghetto boys, who do not consider themselves as different, but should live in the conditions determined by the society the authors reveal the unjust of the segregation. Each child is the unique in her or his natural abilities and talents, but there are any other reasons for the discrimination could not be in the human minds. All people born an equal and nobody can change this God’s plan. It is the primary message of the authors that goes from their hearts and should be learned by everyone to avoid the numerous social issues.

Besides this emphasis, there are the call and warning in the book by LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman. They write about the killing of two brothers that stir society and become the only fact that makes the people pay attention to the acute problems of inequality for a short period. There is not an obvious begging for the help in the book. However, its last phrase “Sometimes bad things are meant to happen so it can bring attention to the worse things that will happen if someone does not pay attention” sounds rather convincingly.

It is time to face the problems of racial and educational inequality with all seriousness and humanity. If the society did not do it, the numerous tragedies would happen again and again till the issues would be solved. The longer the world community would delay the problems' solving the worse would be the consequences of the situation.

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Child Education essay

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