Educational Research essay

Educational research refers to a variety of methods in which an individual evaluates different aspects of education. Areas of research may include: learning, teaching methods, classroom dynamics, evaluation and other education related fields. Research is applicable to a variety of disciplines such as Sociology, Philosophy, Anthropology, etc.

Considering how to carry out research is also crucial

Research is important in highlighting different concerns. Conducting research helps a scholar to understand how other scholars have approached an issue. Hence, the process is critical as it guides a researcher to proceed on any issue under consideration. After identifying a problem and carrying out a research process, a student develops the final piece, which is a report. The report is based on a synthesis of the research materials.

Conducting or reviewing educational research aims at achieving certain goals. One such goal is problem solving. Educational research can be used to identify underlying problems in the field of education. Research findings can then help in offering various solutions to the problems discovered.

Another goal for conducting or reviewing educational research is that of understanding trends. Understanding the trends evolving in education is crucial in helping the individual/organisation keep up to date and stay relevant. This will promote quality improvement of the education offered.

Educational research can develop my profession in a number of ways

Conducting an educational research implies keeping in touch with various stakeholders in the field of education or those closely associated with it, such as employers and other decision makers in organisations. This exposure improves relations and helps create professional bonds.Educational research also helps improve my literary presentation skills. This is because research involves collection, analysis and presentation of information. This enhances my report writing and presentation skills which are essential in the professional life.

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Educational Research essay

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