Schools and Art essay

As multifaceted creature as the man can hardly be found in the Universe. Nature gave the people the unique abilities to create their individual reality through the different perception of the things and phenomena that already exists in the word. Moreover, this personal vision often is turned into the greatest achievements of the whole community. It seems to be the sense of the human creativity. It is important to admit that the individuality lies on the basis of this Nature’s gift to human. Thus, only promoting the personal vision and directed using of it is the only way to develop the creative skills of the people. A lot of factors influence the formation of the human personality, but the style of parenting, education, and communication between the peers are the most important among them. It becomes clear that the development of the creativity also depends on these factors if taking into account close interconnection between the people’s identity and their ability to the creativeness. When the parenting and friendship are the self-regulating spheres because they present the dialog of the personalities, the education needs to be regulated in the issue of the students’ individual development. Being aimed at giving the knowledge in the form of monolog it does not forecast the students’ response. Therefore, the huge amount of the information has the great influence on the children’s conscious. One or another subject can promote the individual development as well as suppress it. That is why the problem of the schools’ set of subjects is so controversial, especially concerning the formation of the students’ art skills. Thus, the question whether schools should put arts and academic subjects in the same position causes the most inveterate disputes. Certainly, the scientists and professors used to deepen in the analyzing of different sides of the issue; after all making the simple things more difficult is their primary occupation. Therefore, the answer to the question is rather obvious if one pay attention to the high purpose of the educational process. To help the child realize the abilities given by Nature enriching them with the new knowledge and skills is the first task of the education. Because of this the schools’ program should be as diversified and flexible as the human individuality to meet the students’ needs. Thus, the art should be an integral part of it as well as it is the interconnected feature of each person.

It is interesting that the scientists, who are the masters of their craft, contrived to make the concept of the art controversial. Thus, according to the Oxford dictionary the art is “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. However as the study subject the art “primarily concerned with human creativity and social life, such as languages, literature, and history”. There is no mention of individual expression and a practice side of the phenomena in the last definition concerning education. That is why, it is important to emphasize the true meaning of the art that can not be different in its nature and the studying as it often happens in practice.

At first sight, the question about including the art to the schools’ curriculum is not worthy of much attention and seems to be rather insignificant. It is natural. The money that may help the person to provide a decent material state of the family is the prior thing in the modern world. Certainly, because of this people bet on the practical side of the education; after all the desire to live in the comfortable conditions is rather clear and justified. In this situation, the society perceives the art as the type of leisure and relaxation. It is the primary reason because the question about including the art to the educational process sounds like the absurdity. It is too hard even to imagine how the professors will teach the students have a rest and study academic subjects at the same time. Therefore, it is enough only change the point of considering a deep sense of the art to open its importance for the human development. If one could understand that the art is the way of self-realization, the significance of the question immediately would be clear. Such perception of the issue pushes even the skeptics to the thoughts about the consequences that may be caused by the failure in the person’s self-fulfillment. Suppressed creative impulses and way of life that does not bring any pleasure are the solid grounds for depression. An oppressed person often does not able to maintain good relations with the others, including the members of the family. The failure in the primary life’s spheres causes the hostile treatment to everything and everyone in the world and is the reason for the individual and social conflicts. One can seize the scale of the problem if taking into account the amount of the people who proffered the material side of their life being not art because they were studied in such way. The threat of the emotional exhausting and further degradation of the society is not as far as it may seem to be.

All problems people generate in their minds in the results of filtering the different events of their life. Only the art is the universal means that can help free human conscious of the negative emotions. It can be saying about all persons, not only about talented. When speaking about childhood, the art has great importance for avoiding the superposition of child’s mind with the negative life experience that may cause the inevitable changes in her or his self-concept. Thus, for the Lynda Berry the school and painting become a single way to avoid the frustration, anger and depression that was prevailing in the parents’ house. Because of this she felt herself happy and made a rather just conclusion that “a good education system saves lives”. In the context of the issue, “good” education can be easily treated as schooling promoting the expression of child’s personality, not its suppression. Therefore, the traditionally school system is unified and includes a standard set of the subjects. Ken Robinson, who is educator and creativity expert, confirms that providing the child with the skills and knowledge which will help them to earn the money is the primary purpose of the education. He also claims if there any art lesson in the curriculum it is also a rather trivial complex aimed at teaching of painting and music. That is all. However, nothing can help the children stop doing what they want to do, besides long-term purposeful efforts of the teachers. Natural activeness and creativity are carefully suppressed by the existing system of education. According to Paolo Freire, studying oppresses the students because it transforms their way of thinking into the conventional one. The children come to school full of curiosity and with an open mind that is ready for active perception. Moreover, not only the training information is important for the pupils, but also the experience of communication. The last one has even greatest meaning because it teaches children to modify the gained knowledge into the individual skills. However, the narrative form of educational process mutes the child’s creativity. Thus, according to John Holt school teaches the people to be indifferent when it should strive to open the individual child’s aspirations and abilities, make them active participants in the social life. However, the system of the education creates closed personalities and rather limited in their way of thinking. Moreover, suppressed skills become the sources of numerous fears that are destroying the person from inside. All these evidence emphasize the fact that the knowledge with that education provides the children should be only the basis for the personality development.  They once more underline that the process of forming the children’s self-concept is not possible without the opening of their creativity. That is why the art should be an integral part of schooling on the same position as the academic subjects.  

The art means the freedom in the behavior and absence of any conscious’ borders. It is the leading counter argument against including the art in the educational programs. This thought’s followers claim that the art subjects will promote the lack of discipline. It will provoke the disorder and irresponsibility of the child. They emphasize that the teaching the ways of self-control and self-organizing is the primary task of the education. The freedom in schooling may alter the educational process to not the best way.  Not serious attitude to the other subject will appear. It may influence the child’s perception level and quality of the information the professors are trying to give the students.  The lack of the knowledge in its turn may cause the narrowing of the opportunities’ circle. As a result, the students involved in the schooling with art program will be not able to find a decent work and get an appropriate income to provide the good life to their families. 

There is the grain of the truth in such point of view; however one can hardly see the mention about the significant meaning of the individual aspirations in it. It is strange that the success in the destroying of the children’s natural behavior and making them do to what they are not prone is considered as the pick of the professional achievements of the professors. Stepping outside of the own personality is called the skill of self-control and effective self-managing. The people, which are made to live as other say not their heart, can not be self-organized even if they were schooled in a perfect way. The disorder, by which educators frighten the society, lives inside the oppressed persons and does not allow them to be self-sufficient. Moreover, permanent fear to be different from all classmates, to make a mistake and get bad grade reflects on the other spheres of human life being. It turns the children into the driven beast who is going in the closed circle and can not find the exit. Disappointing and exhausting are prevailing feelings in the life of the person who goes the way for what he or she was not born, but was imposed by the educational system. The threat of such type of disorder is more dangerous as any other, not only for the certain person but also for the whole society. To create the conditions for the self-recognizing during schooling by the means of art’s subjects is the best way to avoid the social tension. Art expression is the most effective mean for harmony and common development.

After all, every child is born with the baggage of diverse skills. Not each person should be prone to the one type of the subjects. It is the primary reason for making the education program more diversified. Obviously, without basic knowledge any gifted child can be limited in his or her opportunities. At the same time, the person with the best education, but oppressed in his or her creativity has no more abilities to be successful. Because of this, the balance should be an integral part of daily human life, especially the educational process that is the ground for the identity developments.

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Schools and Art essay

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