Why am I interested in Kenyon? essay

I believe education plays a vital role in deciding the future of any human being

The best education is learning from people and at Kenyon I would get a chance to be the part of the best peer group. The institution carries more than a century old history and I would be proud to be a student in the institute where I would not only learn but also excel in my academics. I understand that books and journals are one thing, but the real knowledge is gained by the guidance of an experienced faculty member. At Kenyon I would not only get a chance to interact with one of the best faculty in world but I would also get a chance to attend their lectures and learn from them. If rankings are to be believed, Kenyon is also has always shown up in the high rankings.

Be it the academics, extra curricular activities or the beautiful, lush green campus of the college, Kenyon has everything that a student need for his academics and study. Kenyon has earned the good name and reputation in the entire world and has established the brand name. People all across the globe know Kenyon as one of the most effective educational institution in the world. At Kenyon I would be a part of the large student community, and I would get a chance to interact with people from different races and communities. At Kenyon, students are given due freedom and liberty to their work. Moreover, the strong alumni network of Kenyon would always be an asset to me. I am sure that at Kenyon, I would be able to fulfill my personal and professional dream; I believe Kenyon provides a much-needed platform for me to excel in my life. Hence, Kenyon would be an ideal choice for me.

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Why am I interested in Kenyon? essay

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