Conflict Resolution essay

Conflict is a disagreement or clash between ideas, principles, or people

Thus conflict resolution is understood to be the methods and processes that are used to solve a disagreement between two parties or people and ending it peacefully. Effective conflict resolution may bring forth both negative and positive outcomes. Conflicts are very common in workplaces, school and any other place that people gather in large numbers. The fact that conflict is common among people is not always a bad thing if it is solved effectively. Conflict resolution can also be interchanged with dispute resolution. Furthermore, it can also be thought of as the use of nonviolent resistance measures in an attempt to find a lasting solution.

The first step is situational assistance

Under this step the teacher should remove any distracting object, assisting the student to follow the routines. Overseeing that, students behave within the acceptable limits. Should try increase students interest by giving them and helping them solve stuff. Change lessons set up to suit a certain class environment. The second step is mild responses. The teacher can use nonverbal responses to deal with a certain student. Like, touching and standing next to the student. Also, they can use the verbal responses that are usually more effective. The third step is moderate responses. Like, withdrawing privileges may help get your point across.

Changing the seating arrangement, contacting his family, send him to the principal’s office, holding the student on detention and having the student write down a reflection of the problem. The above three steps go in hand with the principle of least intervention. The rule states that when dealing with routine classroom behavior, misbehaviors should be corrected with the simplest, least intrusive intervention that will work and gradually becomes more intrusive if the least intervention does not work. This is to help keep the lesson going while handling the misbehavior. It shows that the methods used for conflict resolution should be less physical and time consuming but highly effective. It shows that with time our habits become part of us and one should help maintain peace for the sake of others.

Anger gets the better of every other person

However, in a classroom environment one is prone to anger due to the different student behaving, reacting and responding in different manner. For instance, if one is dealing with a verbally aggressive student. Severe misbehavior like these mostly depends on how you react and not typical rule breaking. One’s response goes a long way in gaining control of the situation, preventing other students from being affected and also reducing the chances of it occurring again. It is not only the teacher that suffers from anger. Student may also find themselves in a situation where they are angry. There are many reasons that make a student angry.

For example, the teacher may false fully accuse a student of wrong doing. This may lead to hatred toward s the teacher. As every problem got a solution, a teacher should have guidelines to help them stir away from anger. For example, a teacher can try to keep calm by talking to the student. This will help both parties understand each other and eventually get a reasonable solution to the problem. They may also provide stiff consequences. They can isolate the troublesome students thus reducing the chances of any kind of provocation. Breaking the barrier between the two parties also can help. The student should be made free to discuss situations with the teachers.

Strategies and Considerations Essential to Developing Such a Plan to Respond to Disruptive or Violent Behavior.

There are many ways of dealing with disruptive or violent students. Understanding challenging and violent is one of the foundational considerations that one may take in order to be able to control students. Mostly, challenging students disrupt others and are always craving for attention. They interfere with studies and may cause the rest to misbehave in the long run. To try and have control over these students, one may try and recognize the influence of the behavior. Try and understand that these symptoms might be signs of a more serious problem to come. When planning to work with challenging and violent students, many institutions have established official violence prevention programs.  To be successful with any student you have to assume responsibility and let the students conduct themselves within acceptable limits. When you recognize the influence of a certain behavior you try and communicate with the parents of the student. By doing this further steps will be taken towards finding a long lasting solution.

Reasons and Benefits of Teaching Conflict Resolution

These reasons are numerous. First, the skills are highly necessary for any society to be civilized. Democracy in many countries borrows a lot from what is taught in conflict resolution. It helps the two parties that were at loggerheads to solve their disagreement amicably and resume life without any fuss. It also helps different people understand others in a more detailed way than they had before. Conflict resolution helps in avoiding bloodbath among communities, tribes, countries and to some extent the entire world. Working with different people help discover problems that may have developed into bigger problems. One is able to anticipate, prevent conflicts before they occur, identify, manage and resolve conflicts.

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Conflict Resolution essay

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