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Executive Summary

Dell is one of the largest direct computer sellers in the world due to its particular approach to selling desktop computers, laptops and other computer peripherals and software. Dell was founded by Michael Dell, who started selling personal computers out of his dorm room as a freshman at the University of Texas, Austin. Michael started with buying parts at wholesales, assembling them into clones of IBM computers, and later selling them by email orders to clients who did not want to pay high prices charged by computer stores. The approach by Michael Dell was a success as it has led to what the company is today (Turner et al., 2014).  The firm is valued internationally as its products are affordable and reliable in performance. For the moment, the company is recognized internationally as one of the primary sellers of computers that are genuine and worthy.

Having been on the market for a long time, the company’s new approach to initiating the media strategy of utilizing Twitter for advertising has brought positive results. The use of Twitter by the company is targeted at attracting potential customers, current customers, investors, and shareholders. The ability to attain the set targets depends on the strategy that would contribute to its market sales. Significantly, both the customers and shareholders need to be lured to follow Dell on Twitter to ensure that the information about the company and its products and services is effectively spread to a wide audience. Furthermore, more discussions associated with the management and sales of the company’s products need to be engaged as a way of creating more popularity for Dell on Twitter (Coorey, 2014). Thus, it should be noted that Dell can reach out to the market via Twitter through a democratic leadership approach. The strategy entails teamwork by employees, clients, and shareholders.

Competitive Analysis

One of the primary competitors of Dell Corporation is Hewlett-Packard, and the major competitive aspects on the media are based on a number of factors. Both Dell and HP approach their market via the internet as a medium of communication, but from a different perspective. Both firms are apparently targeting the same audience, i.e. shareholders, investors, students, and employed individuals aged between 18 and 40 and students of six to 21 years. The difference in the competitive edge of the two rivals lies in the framework of the manner in which they post their information online. Dell often engages its followers to take part in the conversation regarding the post as a way of solving issues affecting clients, whereas HP uses videos to demonstrate the effectiveness of their computers and laptops (Ojeda-Zapata, 2008).

Significantly, Dell has a winning advantage in terms of posting their information on a price perspective because it addresses its customers by boosting on how they are willing to deliver the products directly in order to connect. Furthermore, Dell’s posts have been trending because they have using the concept of discussing with followers on what needs to be changed and modified (Barker, Barker, Bormann, & Neher, 2012). From my observation, the past one week has shown a tremendous positive feedback from the followers of Dell on twitter, which is an indication that it is a thriving organization.

Dell has been posting on twitter on how their gadgets fits the needs of both students and employed individuals through inclusion of modern laptops that range from both size and colors as a way of encouraging their followers. Significantly, the response in terms of likes, favorites and retweets has been remarkable. On the other hand, HP has also done their part by posting posts and videos that demonstrate that their computer features of performance performs better because of the newly modernized tools. HP has also used convincing information on the media to show that their battery life is better and some followers often agreed with the posts. (Weinberg, 2009). Furthermore, HP has been posting videos to show that they offer a high number of features, hence the reason for the increase in followers.

The tactics used by the companies are different in the way they communicate with their followers online. Dell practices the tactic of optimizing the social media, where Twitter is actively applied to attract more clients. The platform is used to inform the audience about the services and products offered by the company and followers are encouraged to engage in the dicussion. On the other hand, HP uses the tactic of videos to show clients how effective their products are in terms of performance and genuine. Thus, the tactic used by HP has also brought recognition in the industry and, hence, is the reason it is among the primary competitors of Dell Corporation (Ojeda-Zapata, 2008). The lessons that can be learned from the HP’s operations are as follows: it is appropriate to think out of the box as a way of countering competitors.


Twitter is a medium of communication used in the modern world to reach out its customers in a faster and modernized way. Coincidentally, Dell’s current social media strategy on Twitter is directed at computer users, such as customers, shareholders, school students, and working employees. The target population uses computerized operations to execute almost every task in their daily lives. The age group, in this case, is people aged between 15 years and 40 as those are the primary users of the Twitter platform (Ojeda-Zapata, 2008). The strategy is meant to publish the content that will attract the target age group by keeping them updated on the new products, services, after-sales services, and special offers. Since people aged from 15 to 40 use the Internet to study or work, hence online campaigning is a good approach for Dell.

In general, it is perceived that Dell is adequately attracting the attention of its customers as it has over 500,000 followers on Twitter. Such a large number of followers is an indication that the general audience is interested in what the company is creating or offering to the market. Moreover, the loyalty of the company’s customers is proved by the fact that they often re-tweet and favorite Dell Corporation’s posts. It should be also noted that the firm has set a proper mode of communication with its clients, which is the reason they often reply to what has been posted on behalf of the organization. The implication of how the audience interacts with the organization is particularly important as they often follow what is happening at Dell Corporation (Barker et al., 2012). In addition, the messaging system introduced via Twitter has proven its effectiveness since the firm managed to earn $6.5 million in 2009.

Considering the evaluation of  the effectiveness of Twitter messaging strategy, Dell maintains a rich media feed by posting a minimum of 150 tweets on a weekly basis. Thus, the  data regarding the followers’ rate indicates that their number grew at an average rate of 100,000 monthly. Furthermore, there was also the use of the Tweetreach tool to calculate the average reach of tweets using the name “Dellnetwork”. It was found out that due to such an approach, significant results have been attained (Weinberg, 2009). For example, through 100 of their tweets, the company was able to reach 120,000 accounts with an exposure rate of its content reaching 130,000 timelines via the same 100 tweets.

Fundamentally, having observed the rates for a period of one month, it was concluded that the company meets its audience’s needs via content delivery. It is true because the achievements that have been made through tweets are outstanding. Such perception is based on the evaluation undertaken and the fact that the modern marketing strategy of online approach allows for successful results for a number of firms globally. Furthermore, Dell’s ability to use direct sale strategy that can be initiated via online perspective will continue to deliver significant results for the firm as a whole. Thus, the responses got from the company’s tweets as elaborated above are an indication that the efforts of online customer interaction and attraction bring positive outcomes (Barker et al., 2012).

Evaluation of Effectiveness

The main task of Dell Corporation’s Twitter page is to keep its status constantly updated as well as post tweets as a way of keeping the account active. Thus, the discussed strategy is particularly effective since it permits the organization to post the content associated with its direct sales strategy. Also, the information that is posted informs the audience about the processes taking place in the company, regions, in which the company has its representatives, and the effectiveness of solving issues that are affecting its customers (Weinberg, 2009). Additionally, the strategy is effective as it permits the firm to communicate the upcoming offers.

Furthermore, the response from the tweets permits the organization to re-invent its products as a way of suiting the customers’ needs. Fundamentally, the information on the new offers by the company enables its followers to create their own content and post it, which is a way of improving the organization’s publicity. Dell Corporation moves its followers up the ladder of engagement by posting tempting offers for potential clients. The approach often motivates followers to call up for more information and, at times, order a certain product (Barker et al., 2012).

The process often entails engaging other users to make inquiries by asking their friends via the same platform. The strengths of Dell’s Network are noted in its ability to publish interactive content that is promising, appealing and of genuine nature. The other strength of the strategy is that individuals respond to the posts by drafting other blogs and posts that followers engage in. The weakness experienced by Dell’s Network is the fact that a number of posts by its followers as re-tweets and favorite addressed for the department involved are often disregarded (Ojeda-Zapata, 2008). As a result, some followers feel frustrated, and as payback, they post negative messages on their platforms. Such messages are often either deleted or explained. The issue of not answering every post is an indication that the company may be missing opportunities to relate with their followers to the latter. It is a significant disadvantage as it affects the perception of its clients and followers in general. Significantly, the implication here is that Dell’ Network can benefit from the affordances of Twitter (Coorey, 2014). 

The approach of using Twitter messaging is the primary link between the followers and the organization’s authority. When it comes to the aspect of conversations, the process is not initiated on a user-to-user perspective, but instead conversations are made possible through the major and first posts. It is an appropriate strategy since the organization can engage in conversations that are meant to benefit both the company and its clients, as well. Also, the tactics being used by Dell to target its customers are the use of offers (Weinberg, 2009). The offers are incentives that include, as demonstrated in the above paragraphs, the after-sale services, free delivery of any purchase that entails ten laptops, etc.

Furthermore, offering a discount of 10% for a purchase of a laptop that costs more than $300 is another effective approach aimed at luring followers to participate in the conversation being tweeted. Thus, such tactics are applied to the latter as a way of ensuring that the clients’ posts are re-tweeted, which consequently advertises the company. Furthermore, another proof of the efficiency of the applied strategy is a significant increase in sales that has been made possible due to the Twitter-platform activity of the company. It is perceived that it has earned an estimate of $6.5 from Twitter, hence, an indication that it is a thriving platform, whose content is being responded to by its users (Weinberg, 2009).


From the information provided above, it is clear that the incorporation of the Twitter platform into the company’s operation is an appropriate and fruitful approach. However, more strategies need to be included so as to counter competitors effectively. One of the approaches will entail expanding the company’s media platform coverage as a way of keeping pace with modern advancement. The approach proposed is the utilization of the Periscope that will permit broadcasting of live videos meant to enumerate the benefits of becoming a client of the firm to the potential customers. Furthermore, tweets should also consist of live videos containing the luring advertisements of the products and services. The videos can also include the demonstration of the benefits of utilizing the company’s products as well as the benefits that come along when buying from Dell Corporation (Ojeda-Zapata, 2008). Additionally, another valid recommendation is the need to thank the company’s followers on Twitter for the contribution they make in the organization’s developing. This way, the company will prove its commitment, professionalism, and customer appreciation.

To address its clients effectively, Dell needs to practice the use of Twitter to campaign for a wider market share. The objective of the media campaign is to lure more clients in the market through incentives. The incentives, in this case, will entail offering after-sales services like delivery of computers and offering discounts for the products that cost more than $300, as well as a 10% discount for clients who buy more than ten laptops. As noted above, the firm will use the tactic of incentives to effectively reach out to the market and offer its services to the right segment of the population (Barker et al., 2012).

Dell can also post posts on twitter on how they will offer after-sales services as a way of engaging followers to participate in the dicussion. Some of the key messages to be used are “buy laptops ranging from $300 and above and get a discount”, free delivery and a discount of 10% for a purchase of ten laptops”. Fundamentally, the plan relates to the strategy of direct sales as the information on the offers will be posted online. Also, the customers will be informed in a face-to-face mode, as well. Moreover, the experience and expertise of Dell will offer the company a competitive edge since its employees are trained to follow the assigned tasks to the latter (Weinberg, 2009). Significantly, the proposals made are relevant as they are meant to improve the firm’s approach of handling followers and customers, as well.

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Social Media Sample essay

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