Child Abuse essay

Child abuse is one of the most serious problems of the society which worries the minds of millions of people all over the world. Regardless of the fact that there are many laws limiting abusive actions of sexual character, there are still many cases of child molestation. It means that children represent a vulnerable group which requires protection and care in order to shape a healthy generation in the future. Child sexual abuse is a serious problem which can take different manifestations including sexual activities, indecent exposure of sexual characteristics to a child (genitals, nipples, etc.), or intention to involve a child in pornography. The place of child sexual abuse varies, but it always has the same characteristic of the major place of child labor. It means that cases of child molestation can take place at home, at school, or at work. The following characteristic features of the offender help to outline the major cases following child sexual abuse.

 In the case of child molestation, offenders play roles of a relative, a friend, or a neighbor. In the majority of situations, a typical offender is not a stranger. In addition, the offender is male rather than female. However, depending on the cases, the gender of the offender varies. The percentage of female offenders is relatively low as compared to the percentage of male offenders. Taking female offenders as the core of the offenders, it is possible to state that the majority of cases involving child sexual abuse take place at schools. However, such cases are rare enough not to involve a woman as a leading offender in child molestation cases. Male offenders happen to involve in cases of child sexual abuse more often. Pedophilic preferences tend to arise among men, which leads to various interactions of sexual character with children. The age of a typical offender varies from 20 to 80 years old with an average age of 30. The age of the offender refers mainly to the educating sector. Cases involving offenders from neighborhoods do not have a common analysis of age being able to bring a single conclusion. Each case differs from another; however, consequences remain the same. It is possible to define two groups of the offenders including fixated and regressed ones. Fixated offenders do not tend to pay attention to other sexual attractions rather than children. Regressed offenders, in their turn, are married or are in a relationship. Sometimes a spouse does not even suspect that his or her beloved one may involve in the case of child sexual abuse. In addition, the fact reflected in the majority of studies is that the gender of the offender does not determine a gender of the victim. There were many cases when men abused boys and still had relations with women. Depending on the psychological profile of the offender, it is possible to evaluate two groups including situational and preferential abusers.

The above mentioned groups help to consider in-depth analysis of the offender. For example, a situational group involves the offender who does not have a specific preference to abuse children in a sexual way. However, in certain conditions, they would not refuse to conduct an illegal act involving child molestation. This group of offenders also involves regressed offenders, morally indiscriminate and inadequate group. Regressed offenders tend to prefer adults and do not have a need to turn to child molestation. However, a stressor may lead to the manifestation of the pedophilic preferences. In this case, a child represents a substitute. Another group includes morally indiscriminate offenders who can conduct sexual abuse regardless of the age of the victim. Inadequate offenders, in their turn, find children the most accessible and less threatening target group of victims. The second large group includes mysoped and fixated offenders. In the first case, offenders tend to act in sadistic, violent, and rude way. In the second case, offenders almost do not have any interactions or activities with representatives of their own age.

The main treatment of the offender hides itself in the importance of changing the behavioral patterns regarding sexual relations. Offenders may learn how to change their behavior with the help of healthcare professionals. Special programs designed for reduction of inappropriate behavioral patterns lead to the complete reduction of problems with the youth. An adult may learn how to live safe and healthy life according to their age without putting children at a threat. First of all, the program of treatment should identify risk factors which become triggers of the inadequate sexual behavior. In addition, another step of the program is to promote full responsibility within an individual for their actions with awareness about consequences. Offenders should also understand the negative impact of their behavior on themselves and the others. Finally, the program’s intention should be the development of healthy behavioral patterns. Rehabilitation programs should include both strong and weak points of the offender’s behavior in order to learn how to prevent them from committing a crime. The duration of the program should vary according to the specific case with its factors and conditions. It is impossible to complete the treatment program or finish it without making sure that the person has no intention to return to the previous lifestyle. The importance of the program is that the information exchanged between a therapist and a patient is fully confidential. It helps to share initial problems of the offender and see the roots of the problem. It is necessary to remember that the recovery process is long enough to be effective. However, the results are worth of spending time and money.

The effect of child sexual abuse is vital. It is impossible to leave victims and their families without attention when it comes to the treatment. First, it is necessary to consider the effects of the offense. Psychological effects formulate one of the most essential parts of the consequences. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common effects taking place as soon as the offence appears. In addition, children may further go through eating disorder involving bulimia nervosa. Depression and sleep disturbances also take place as the negative effects of the child sexual abuse. In addition, there may be problems with socializing leading to the problem of missing lessons. Finally, sexual abuse can result in the development of inappropriate sexual behavior further in life based on the experience received in childhood. As for the physical effects, a victim may get injury, infection, or neurological damage. Bleeding and internal lacerations are the most common injuries among the victims. As for infections, offenders may have sexually transmitted illnesses which could create many health problems for victims. Finally, children suffer from transformations in brain functioning which is caused by the stress received as a result of the act of sexual abuse.

Treatment of children and their families should have a mandatory point in the recovery process. First, it is necessary to consider the age of a child and their family members paying attention at the child sexual abuse and its severity. It is important to divide the treatment process in three parts including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. It is important to create a system of the recovery steps which will help a child to accommodate to a new lifestyle based on the received experience. Children should be surrounded by comfort and understanding atmosphere, which will help to understand that they do not have to suffer from their fears of being sexually abused again. Families also should go through the process of therapeutic recovery in order to provide their children with a proper protection. In both cases, it is necessary to help both children and their families recover from the depression and various disorders taking place as consequences of the abuse. As soon as both sides recover from depression, it is important to turn to cognitive restructuring, which will help to return to the previous lifestyle without fear of being hurt again.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that child sexual abuse still has a high rate and a high negative influence on the development of the younger generation. Victims go through many difficulties trying to recover from a nightmare caused by an adult offender. Offenders, in their turn, should take care of recovering from their inappropriate sexual behavior patterns in order to prevent themselves from offending again. Therapeutic process of treatment should help both sides to turn to a healthy lifestyle without a risk of turning to the abusive type of behavior. The program should be flexible enough to meet the needs of both sides and help to recover from the negative consequences of the abuse. In general, the government should think of preventive ways which can teach the society to avoid child sexual abuse and save the future generation in an appropriate mode of health.

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Child Abuse essay

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