The Influence of Health Policies and the Future of Health Care in the U.S. essay

The US healthcare policy has been a subject of diverse reaction. The analyzed video brings to light some important features of healthcare reforms. Particularly, the issue of the Medicare reform has attracted many views. One particular aspect has been the need to reduce the Medicare spending. There are also various Medicare savings proposals that have emerged with an effort to regulate the national deficit in the US. The challenge of reducing the physicians cost has also been evident because of the proposals modifications. However, it is important to note that most of the Medicare proposals require the users to pay large portions of the healthcare cost. There are other proposals that also affect the current and future beneficiaries. However, one wonders if the Medicare reforms ensure health and economic security of its beneficiaries. The video further question the ability of the system to remain healthy and wealthy while utilizing the high healthcare cost. This paper analyzes the influence of health policies by exploring the video wealthier, healthier or sicker and poorer.


There are main points presented in the video regarding issues and problems that are inherent in the overall healthcare in the US. First, Medicare offers the cover for many of the benefits that people require in health services. Nevertheless, it has high deductibles and other challenges of charges. These include areas such as hospitable deductables, Part b for the services of the physicians and part D that contains other deductables. Medicare spends an estimated 16% of the federal budget. This is a big amount that at times slots the country into debt. However, it does not cover long-term career or the dental services that are critical. The second key point is that only a small portion of Medicare beneficiaries has high incomes. The greatest percentage of people on Medicare has modest salary. In fact, half of the Medicare beneficiaries have less than $23500 as their income in 2013.The next significant point is the fact that there is large cost sharing in Medicare .However, there is a small population of the beneficiary population that pays significant amount of the cost services, in fee services and insurance among others. The role of the Medicare Advantage cannot be left unmentioned. In case of high enrollment, there is an evident reduction in the fee.


The narrators view point bare in sync with my opinion regarding 21st century U.S Healthcare. In essence, it is important to point out that for the past years the cost incurred in treating each person Medicare beneficiary has been on the rise compared to the gross domestic product. The problem emanates from the fact that the Medicare beneficiary population continues to rise. It, therefore, means that the higher the population, the higher the fees. The US tax payer thus has to cater for the increasing need. The Medicare program that has been designed for the elderly people also has a great challenge. It is important to note that many people live past their retirement age. In fact, according to CDC, they are living up to 85 years and above. It, therefore, means that the seniors that are eligible for Medicare lean on the period long period in the 21st century than before. One must also consider the fact that there are rising healthcare costs. There innovative drugs for cancer and other personalized drugs that are quite costly. Consequently, most of these senior spend high amount of money in proportional to the Medicare contribution.

The current U.S healthcare reform is critical because of its financial rationale. First, many millions have selected a plan in the health insurance plan.Moreover,80% of the population considers ACA as an answer to their needs to get health at an affordable cost. Consequently, there are millions of people that benefit from the premiums of the tax credits. There is cost sharing that averages at an estimated $4700 per individual. However, the figure continues to rise annually. The provision of ACA makes accessibility to health affordable for many families. The current U.S healthcare reform helps in slowing g the healthcare cost and boosts hiring and bolstering of the workers paycheck. For instance, the US is experiencing a decline in the growth of healthcare cost. For example, In 20110 to 2012 the real per capital health financial expenditure rose to an estimate yearly rate of 1.1%.However, this has declined in the recent past.

There is an evident possible reduction of the long term deficit which, therefore, acts as the foundation for growth. According to the findings, the Congressional budget Office estimates that the ACA will lower the deficit by $109 over the 2013-2022 fiscal years. Beyond 2023, the deficit reduction is likely to be 0.5% per annum.

There are ethical and economic considerations that can be drawn from the implementation of ACA since 2010 to today. The first economic implication is the benefit of cost reduction. One considers the totality of ACA and the promise that it offers to Americans and their business. The act has some provisions that have been designed to reduce the growth of spending. For instance, the Cadillac tax which characterizes the expensive health insurance plans and the transition of medical care payment. This is apart from the fee for the service payment. The increases in healthcare cost have been at the lowest .Moreover, the premium growth has been down. It is also vital to note that the affordable Care Act can lead to 250,000 to 40000 jobs. Moreover, the impact would increase overtime. Secondly, the federal government responds to increase in Medicare and the cost of Medicaid by borrowing .It, therefore, translates to lower national savings. There is less investment. Considering the standard economic model, when the medical care cost increase by an estimated 1.5% annually, there is a gain in Gross domestic product with up to 2%.This is an estimation of up to 2020.The affordable care act has also been imperative in impacting the workforce. The ACA leads to the reduction of the many distortions in the workforce. The Universal insurance coverage gives the workers the freedom to switch from one job to another. There are other studies that have also indicated that greater access to health insurance cover enhances people aligned to disability insurance to work more and thus reducing the overall program, cost. There is also less absentees and increased productivity among others.

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Similarly, there have been ethical concerns regarding the implementation of the ACA. Fundamentally, one must remember that the primary goal for ACA is to provide quality and affordable healthcare while considering the freedom of choice. Moreover, all the citizens seek to share in the costs and benefits of healthcare. The first controversy pertains to the extent to which the government has control over the ACA. The act mandates most citizens and residents to have health insurance. However, these insurances are obtained from private companies and employers. It, therefore, seeks to empower a few chosen organizations at the expense of the entire nation. The next ethical concern regards the view that as at 2014, the act is set to cover 30million of the 47million population. However, there are some undocumented immigrants. Consequently, it is an ethical issue on the extent of coverage of the population. The fact that ACA will increase the national deficit is a subject of concern. It is because the government is forced to lend as part of the financial spending then the money is not enough. However, long term impact shows that the deficit is compensated by the positive rewards of ACA.

ACA is thus a fundamental healthcare reform that needs further consideration. The video has explored some of the critical controversies that surround the health reforms. Nevertheless, there are financial implications that define the ACA. Moreover, ethical perspectives have been fundamental in its existence in the society. The influence of the healthcare reforms in the US is thus a n important subject.

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The Influence of Health Policies and the Future of Health Care in the U.S. essay

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