Isolation and its Effect on Edward Scissorhands essay

Living in a nuclear family highly affects individuals

People repeat what they see in their parents, caregivers and siblings.  Moreover, they expect to see similar behavior from those outside the nuclear family.  In the movie, Edward Scissorhands, the inventor was Edward’s nuclear family.  He treated Edward with kindness and love; therefore, Edward expected to receive the same kindness and love from any other person.  However, the one thing that Edward did not realize was that the inventor was living in isolation.  

Along with living in secret away from rest of society, the inventor dragged Edward into isolated depths as well.  Through this movie, the viewer visually learns about what happens to an individual who is isolated.  There are two main problems which Edward faced when he was brought to live in a larger community.  Firstly, he was not accustomed to basic manners and ways of speaking to other people.  Secondly, Edward was unaware of the evils that persisted among communities.      

When Edward was brought into the Boggs household, he was surrounded not only by strangers but also by strange surroundings and customs.  From the way the Boggs ate to the water beds they slept on, for Edward, it was a whole new world.  He realized for the first time that there were many things he did not know about the world and that his mansion on top of the hill was merely a small speck on this Earth.  Moreover, Edward learned about what a family was which reminded him about his own sense of emptiness.  The Inventor was Edward’s creator and parent, and when he died, Edward was left with an empty void.

Next, when Peg Boggs introduced Edward to her community of neighbors and friends, Edward began to experience something entirely new.  He began to have fun and for the first time, he received attention not as an invention, but as his own personality.  Even though he was incomplete because of his hands, that deficiency attracted people to him and gave him a sense of pride, which was completely opposite of his isolated past.  At the mansion, Edward created the same art with trees and snow, yet there was no one to appreciate it.  Because people appreciated and loved him, he realized that things that meant nothing to one alone, held greater meaning and purpose for a group of people. 

However, as Edward’s circle of acquaintances and friends grew, he uncovered the darker side of being out in the world.  He became a victim to the evils of humanity and for the first time, discovered things such as dishonesty, betrayal, manipulation and pain.  Because of his isolation, Edward had no concept of defending himself physically or emotionally.  He had never been given any chances to do evil, which made him inherently a gentle being.  In fact, Edward could not distinguish between right and wrong because there was no such scale of justice in his isolation. 

All in all, Edward Scissorhands chose to go back into isolation because when he was alone, he had control over his life.  He felt secure emotionally and physically.  Furthermore, he did not rely on fake human affection and caring which only served other people’s purposes.  Most of all, Edward, along with the viewer, learned that even though there is good in the world, there are people who will abuse and become jealous of anyone different who threatens their security and lifestyle.  In order to successfully live among those people, Edward would have to sacrifice his naivety and become like those people, a choice that he did not favor.

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Isolation and its Effect on Edward Scissorhands essay

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