Police Pressure and Police Coercion essay

Difference between police coercion and police pressure in interrogation settings

Coercion refers to a situation where an individual is forced to give information that is usually not true so that the person coercing him can obtain benefit of a situation. Thus police coercion refers to a situation where police forces an individual to give wrong information during an investigation endeavors. Police pressure refers to a situation where the law enforcing agents uses force within the legal limits in order to obtain some information from an individual.

It is worth noting that during investigations sometimes it becomes necessary to pile pressure to a suspect because more often than not they are never willing to volunteer information without being forced. It should be noted here that the pressure should not in fridge on an individual’s constitutional rights. The law allows police to use reasonable pressure in order to get valuable information from suspects if they fail to give the needed information on terms and circumstances that are friendly, free and fair. By doing this the security apparatus has the aim of carrying out their legal duties and at the same time guaranteeing the suspects of their basic human rights.

Television movies and shows that present police pressure

In the television set Good Cop aired by BBC, we meet constable Rocksavage who is engaged in a quarrel with a thug by the name Noel who later kills his partner constable Andy. Rocksavage later kills the thug. Later, Cullum rose, an accomplice of noel later demands for a ransom from rocksavage who ends up killing rose but different people are charged with the murder. One suspect by the name Heinz is arrested and charged falsely with the murder but due to lack of enough evidence, instead he is charged with being in a possession of hard drugs.

It is worth noting that to charge somebody for a crime that they have not committed is illegal. Police should be allowed to use deceptions on the condition that they are doing so in good faith with the intention of gathering vital information from somebody.it is important that the trickery don’t make the victim to incriminate themselves unknowingly owing to the use of the tricks and deceptions.

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Police Pressure and Police Coercion essay

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