Tempe Union High School District Court Case essay

The question of racial discrimination, prejudice and fight for human rights of black people in the US society has always been one of the most burning problems of all times. Still nowadays, in time of democracy and political correctness there are cases when reason and wisdom are defeated by prejudice and artificial way of thinking. The essay is focused on the considering of Monteiro vs. Tempe Union High School District court case and finding out whether Judge Reinhardt made the right decision in this case from the point of view of Tempe Union High School District.

Court is believed to be the only just institute in modern society

Thus, while making decisions judges take into account all ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of the issue, evaluate it not only in accordance to the law, but also with regard to ethical and moral problems. From the point of view of Tempe Union High School District the decision of Judge Reinhardt was right.

Concerning the first part of the complaint that was focused on the exclusion of Huckleberry Finn book from the curriculum, it should be pointed out that it is quite irrational and meaningless.

“One of the roles of teachers is to guide students through the difficult process of becoming educated, to help them learn how to discriminate between good concepts and bad, to benefit from the errors society has made in the past, to improve their minds and characters”.

The idea that teachers participate in rousing hatred and prejudice in little children with the help of literature is factless. Moreover, a person who appeals to the court trying to find the facts of racial discrimination in classic literature seems to have paranoid delusion. It is not wise to suppose that Mark Twain who wrote his book for children wanted to bring up racial hatred in society from the early childhood. Moreover, even the fact that the word “nigger” is used 215 times in the book does not mean that the author intended to focus the reader’s attention on the particular definition of black people. The thing is that the negative meaning of this word appeared long after Mark Twain has written his work. It was Ms. Monteiro’s fault that she did not know the history of this word and disoriented her daughter, teachers and court.

However, it is reasonable to say that the school is liable for the proper explanation of moral issues and behavior rules for the children. “When a district is “deliberately indifferent” to its students’ right to a learning environment free of racial hostility and discrimination, it is liable for damages under Title VI”. As children spend the main part of the day at school, there they learn how to behave and communicate. Teachers are responsible not only for teaching the subjects but for upbringing as well, especially when their students are of age when their personality is formed. In this period it is important to educate them with moral issues in order to prevent the development of stereotypic thinking and prejudice within the society. School is the establishment that brings up a generation able to build up the future.

Monteiro vs. Tempe Union High School District court case is an important issue that attracts attention to several ethical and moral problems existing within a society. It revealed that the debates on the racial discrimination of blacks appear not only due to the insulting attitude of white people towards black ones but also because of paranoid delusion of some black people. The case has proved that debates around this question would last for a long time in future, but thanks to such wise judges as Judge Reinhardt they would be rationally resolved.

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Tempe Union High School District Court Case essay

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