The Casey Anthony Case essay

Once the great Chinese philosopher, Confucius, said that for complete well-being of any country at least two main conditions, peace and justice, are important. By the way, the level of development of a country and society is largely determined by the level of judicial and social justice. On July 7, 2008, the trial, the outcome of which shook America, ended in Orlando, Florida. 25-year-old woman that has been charged with premeditated murder of her daughter was justified, even though the circumstantial evidence seemed to point to her unambiguous guilt. Americans were outraged by the jury's verdict and believed that their judicial system was found to be ineffective. Casey Anthony’s trial in America is the most high-profile case since the trial of O. J. Simpson (1995).

The investigation of this case began in July, when police received a report about disappearance of a girl named Caylee Anthony, who was at that time about three years old. Caylee's grandmother called, concerned about previous events. She and her husband last met their granddaughter a month ago when Caylee was staying in the house with her mother Casey. After that, to the parents’ requests to bring them the girl her mother replied that Caylee was right now taking a walk with her nanny. In a month after the last meeting Casey's parents were notified that their car, which their daughter used, was on the penalty parking. Taking the car, Casey's father felt strong putrid smell coming from the trunk. There was a bag of trash in the trunk, but no signs of human remains. During the interrogation, Casey Anthony said that her daughter was stolen by a nanny and called her name. Subsequently, however, she had to admit that it was a lie. Many other Casey’s statements were lies, too. She was taken into custody on charges of perjury, obstruction of justice and failure to perform parental duties. However, she was soon released on bail. In October she was charged with premeditated murder, aggravated murder, child abuse and making false statements. In December in the wood near the Anthony’s house a plastic bag with skeletal remains of the child's body was found. Tests showed that the remains belonged to Caylee, but the cause of death could not be determined. The investigation gathered a lot of circumstantial evidences and testimonies incriminating Casey. For example, after disappearance of her child she and her boyfriend were carefree having fun in the night bar, and on the second day she borrowed a shovel from a neighbor. There were really signs of organic decomposition in the trunk of the car, but what exactly was decomposed, the experts were not able to find. However, there was no direct evidence against Casey Anthony.

American press actively contributed to creation of negative image of the accused woman, whom the child was prevented hell. However, the jury decided in a different way. After a 10-hour meeting, they absolved her on the charge of murder and only found Casey Anthony guilty of perjury. The verdict exasperated American society. Everyone felt sorry about dead girl and spared no sympathy for her mother. Everyone who followed the trial in America and around the world was shocked by this verdict of the jury. The direct evidence, the circumstantial evidence surrounding the murder or death of the child indicated only one person, the girl's mother, and this evidence was quite enough for the jury to render a guilty verdict. After this case, many people believed that the justice system in America failed. In this case it was impossible to bring charges under articles stipulating the death penalty. It was impossible to produce the first-degree murder.

Despite the fact that most people were against the sentence, which the jury pronounced, there were those who thought that there really was not enough evidence to convict Casey Anthony of killing her own daughter. The case was compelling enough to pass it on to the court, and the jury could make one or another decision. It all depends on whether you believe in a jury trial. It must be remembered that the jury for the murder is not a detective agency, in which there is an answer, who is the murderer. Its goal is not justice for Caylee. Its goal is not even to know the truth. Its purpose is to determine whether the charges are proved beyond a reasonable doubt. The jury had quite reasonable problems. People did not know when the girl died. People did not know the cause of death. The prosecution's case was based on assumptions. Defense theory was based on assumptions of an even greater extent.

By the way, a lot of people did not think that defense counsel acted so brilliantly

Prosecutors just preferred too serious charges. A former prosecutor Susan File stated that she respected the work of the jury, that day-to-day presented in the court and assessed the evidence and proceeded without emotions and not from television reports. The verdict they rendered should be respected as well. One of the jurors, Jennifer Ford, announced that the jury did not have enough evidence to accuse Casey Anthony of a murder. The jury did not have any prejudices. They just looked at the facts, and the facts, if to exclude emotions, did not prove anything. Jennifer Ford stated that she still was at a loss. She had no idea what happened to this child.

Jury selection began on May 9, 2011 in the Criminal Justice Center in the county of Pinellas in Clearwater, Florida. The jurors were from the county of Pinellas to Orlando. Jury selection took more time than it was expected and ended On May 20, 2011, with twelve jurors and five substitutes. There were nine women and eight men in the group. The trial process took six weeks. During that time the jury was isolated to avoid influence from media available outside the courtroom.

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The Casey Anthony Case essay

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