American Nurses Association essay

ANA was founded and commissioned in 1896 with its head offices located in Georgia

The entire-service professional institution, American Nurses Organization, has the responsibility of handling work-related concerns of over 3.1 million registered nurses (ANA, 2014). It is able to handle this operation through lobby groups, both at the state and constituent level, and various organizations affiliated to it. The fundamental functions of the body are: improving nursing career through fostering quality criteria of the practice, creating positive and realistic image of nursing career, boosting nurses right in working places, and pushing the existing regulatory and congress agencies on different healthcare career-related issues affecting nurses. The mission statement for the association is: “Nurses progressing in the healthcare profession to better health for all”.

Though nurses are responsible for their professional development, the agency as a professional body shares the responsibility through provision of continuing educational activities, which enable nurses to accomplish this (ANA, 2014). Through these activities, nurses can earn continuing educational units. It offers webinars, conferences, and more continuing education on certification matters. The agency has hundreds of programs to help nurses grow, most of which they offer at a steep discount. In addition to that, the continuing education catalogue gives full details on requirements for nursing licensing and competence. All these programs help nurses with the needed support not just on educational matters but also on licensing requirements. American Academy of Nursing is an affiliate institution of ANA that comprises distinguished nursing leaders, whose great contribution in the nursing field results to their recognition. The institution provides a good benchmark for the upcoming nurses, providing them with any needed direction in the field (ANA, 2014).

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American Nurses Association essay

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