An Exploration of My Career Choice essay

Why Career of Nursing is Popular Today

As citizens move through the course of unstable economics, advancing technology and Affordable Care Act, the demand for expert provision of nursing needs is growing. Few aspire to become certified nurses someday. As one report in NBC news states, the need for nurses outbalances the supply, and the shortage starts in the classroom. Nurses are indeed amazing people because they get to be in the front line in assuring that the health of the Americans is in tip top shape. Those who dream to become nurses take its inspiration from the country’s health reform law in 2010. Since insurance became more accessible, hospitals and clinics are calling for more and more nurses to share their expertise. In this day and age, nurses have become the instrument to bridge the used-to-be bleak healthcare system to the citizens of this country. In general, the small percentage of American young generation wants to become modern nurses simply because they want to help.

To become an accomplished and certified nurse, a degree in Associate of Science in Nursing is required as per dictated by the United States Department of Labor code. The traditional Associate Degree Nursing program encompasses courses in anatomy, microbiology, psychology, chemistry, physiology, nutrition, nursing and other behavioral, biological and social sciences. After completing this 2-year program, students will be ready and eligible to take the licensure examination. At present, Miami Dade College offers Associate in Science degree in nursing and three more options, such as the bridge, accelerated and Bachelor’s degree option.

Once a registered nurse, newly graduates intend to practice what they learn from school. With this, the best choice is to become a staff nurse in a hospital-setting. There is no better way to test and sharpen their acquired knowledge and skills other than to be employed as an actual staff nurse. However, other graduates have the option to be involved in research work, teaching and consultation. Hence, the need for these young professionals to get an advanced education. This means going to back to school to earn a bachelor, master or even a doctoral degree. Nursing professions tasked to do administrative works necessitates for graduate and post-graduate diplomas.

Employment in the nursing field is broad. Once students completed their studies and even joined higher education programs, the opportunities are comprehensive. Others even further enhance their careers and become certified nurse specialists. It is estimated that America has more than three million nurses (Fox, 2013). This is adequate so far to respond to the growing demand of primary healthcare of Americans. Also, nursing schools compete with hospitals for hiring dedicated, educated and compassionate nurses. There are more than enough employment opportunities for one nurse to handle.

Nursing as a career has always been overwhelming and competitive simply because the market is consistently high but only a chosen few decide to take the path. Dedication, self-discipline and above all, compassion are the qualities primordial to a nurse, apart from excellent education background.


Personal statement:  A hardworking and motivated student, who is currently completing her pre-nursing studies, consistently achieving superior grades in nursing subjects. Seeking clinical experience in the nursing field once graduate and completed the licensure examination. Planning to start a career as a staff nurse in a hospital. Ultimate career goal is to become a certified and experienced nurse, with the longer term aspiration of specializing in pediatric intensive nursing care.

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An Exploration of My Career Choice essay

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