Florence Nightingale's Philosophy of Nursing essay

The Personality of Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale was an amazing woman, who has devoted her life to rehabilitation of people worldwide. She is an example of a woman, who embodies such qualities as professionalism, love for other people, self-sacrifice and devotion to her ideals. She believed that her main goal was helping people all over the world rather than in a separate region. The breadth of her thoughts, her education and dedication played a tremendous role in the development of health care for people who needed it. Thanks to her the international community received clearly formulated main tasks for rehabilitation of people worldwide. I admire this woman, because she was able to comprehend the problem of human health globally. She has not only recognized the need to implement measures to reduce infant and mother mortality, but also identified  the need for education of children, gender equality and protection of women from various forms of violence. The acquaintance with the personality of Florence Nightingale and her work allowed me to see the scope of the Millennium Goals, as well as the need to use a variety of techniques and methods for their implementation.

My Millenium Goals

As a nurse, I personally pay particular attention to the following Millennium Goals: assistance in obtaining primary education, reducing of child mortality and improving of maternal health. I completely agree with Nightingale that education, including primary one, is one of the main conditions for improving human health. Indeed, how can an illiterate person stay healthy and improve the lifestyle habits, if he or she does not have the right information about health? I think that it is a great idea to combine primary education with health education. Children perceive such topics with particular interest if they are present in a colorful and exciting way. While "the World Bank will increase its zero-interest and grant investment in basic education by an additional $ 750 million", I would focus my attention on increasing the level of informativeness of the classes devoted to health issues. Using all sorts of drawings, layouts and other visual methods for consolidating the knowledge will help the children absorb the information as efficiently as possible.

The task of reducing child mortality is also no less important, because unfortunately the infant mortality rate in some countries, especially in the poor part of the world, is very high. In particular, "more than 6 million children younger than 5 died in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia in 2010, representing 82 % of such deaths on a global scale." The main reason of infant mortality is the absence of the crucial elements of childcare, namely good baby food, the required level of cleanliness and hygiene, the availability of medicines. In this respect, I see my assistance as an aid in the organization of centers that provide low-income parents with everything necessary for the health of their babies. Additionally, the task of these centers should also include consultancy regarding issues of correct feeding and caring for children. Finally, the third objective of improving maternal health requires measures to reduce complications during pregnancy and labor. I see my task in providing various kinds of advice and organizing courses and training on proper behavior during pregnancy and delivery.

Moreover, if to consider my personal contribution to the advance of the UN Goals, first I see it in the application of advanced Internet technologies. With their help, one can arrange a variety of online courses in order to acquaint people with the current methods of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases. Another example of my helping to advance the UN Goals might be an organization of free local trainings on issues of family health. For example, it will be very useful to organize the trainings, which will provide people with books and brochures on the prevention of the most common diseases once a week.

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Florence Nightingale's Philosophy of Nursing essay

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