Nursing Education essay

People all over the world have different cultures as well as beliefs. Languages are one of the major parts that different people around the world differ greatly. There are those that use English as their first language while others use it as their second language. Schools have adopted English as an official language. However, it has its effects on students who do not use it as their first language.

The revised Nursing programme aimed at catering for students who use English as their second language has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages include, Students and teachers have an opportunity of education on the traditions and practices of the other people. It is a way of budding friendships and helpful interactions. It is a way of creating perception and acceptance. There is need of raising the figure of tribal minority nurses to cover the excellence of healthcare to gradually more different residents. This is because there is more demand to health care but there are few nurses hence it increases the chances of nursing students getting employed. Patients and those in the health professions are likely to have more reverence and self-reliance in nurses who communicate entirely in English. Nursing students also get to advance their academic achievements. The programme has helped in mounting pioneering enrolment and maintenance models for the nursing students who were not developing reasonably. It has promoted students attentiveness, and allotment of their comprehension and practices. The English programme has enabled the students in advancement of their career. This is because; they are likely to have more job opportunities when they are out of school.

Disadvantages include difficult barriers that avert flourishing involvement such as poverty.  Students are unable to express what they had learnt in the past which leaves them feeling depressed. It is evident that students using English as their subsequent language attains poorer grades on unvarying tests and receive lesser scores than their English talking colleagues. The nursing students find it hard to explain the fact that in their home lands they have scored high grades in their studies; contrary to how they perform since English is their second language. The students work hard but often accomplish only insignificant perceptive and this leaves them feeling as if they were failures. Students using English as their second language have difficulty in medical work. This is because nursing students must learn medicinal terminologies which are roughly an additional lingo by itself.  Such students are not fluent in speaking ordinary English which is a barrier to communication.

There is always a solution for such barriers 

Some of the barriers experienced by nursing students are such as being short of self-belief and a consecutive sense of isolation. One of the ways to deal with this challenge is by the beginning of a mentorship programme. Qualified improvement and exterior sustenance from the training staff and fellow students would also benefit the nursing students.  Nursing students can be allowed more time to learn and be helped with civilizing their English ability. Poverty is one of the major causes of poor education. A strategy to eradicate poverty in the society would be most appropriate. The language requirements of these students revolve just about productively appealing with the learning communication. This can be achieved if there is a actual classroom and sited as a place where such students have a sense of belonging. Use of an incorporated technique of instruction would be most successful.

Generally, use of English in nursing will help a lot of students especially in a world here there is a lot of cultural diversity. English as a subject should be able to uplift the way of life of human beings since it brings about communication and understanding.

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Nursing Education essay

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