Self Concept essay

Self concept is the system of aspects, which determine how a person sees him or herself. Self concept includes such elements as identity, body image, role performance, etc. The above mentioned elements develop being affected by different internal and external factors.

Identity is being formed during the whole life of an individual

Such external factors as society, family, level of education and literacy, religion and traditions, and national and cultural factors significantly contribute into the formation of identity.

Body image is influenced by such external factors as masscult and media, fashion and social standards of beauty. For example, in modern society, the slim and sporty bodies are regarded as beautiful. We can see such bodies in magazines, TV-programs, and advertising billboards, and people whose bodies are not in accordance with these standards, have low level of self-esteem, and their body images, in their opinion, are ugly and unattractive. Therefore, many of these people strive to reach the commonly accepted standards.  However, if to remember the epoch of Rubens, we can see that not always the cult of slim and sporty bodies was dominating. At those times, plump bodies were regarded as the most beautiful and attractive, and a woman with a slim posture could feel a lot of discomfort because of her constitution. Therefore, our body image and how we perceive our appearance depend on what the society and fashion dictate us.

Such element as the role performance is formed under the influence of such factors as our inner borders and limitations, worldview and such personal traits as openness, boldness, level of communicative skills, etc. If to speak about the performance of professional role, it can be stated that it depends on our educational level and talents in certain professional field.

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Self Concept essay

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