What is Nursing? essay

Personal Understanding of Nursing

For my part, nursing is a profession that accords people an opportunity to give care to others. It is a profession that strives to make the lives of people who are in need better; thus, nursing practice entails helping people who are either healthy or sick to attain and maintain healthy and quality life. Nursing implies helping other people achieve and maintain optimal health applying appropriate nursing knowledge and skills acquired through education and practice.

Reasons for Pursuing a Career in Nursing

I have chosen to pursue a career in nursing, because I believe it will give me an opportunity to provide care and help others. I chose nursing after recognizing the way in which nurses can change lives and help to restore and build other people’s confidence and rebuild their lives. I strongly believe that personal contact with patients is critical and very important for rebuilding the health of individuals. In my view, nursing includes a prolonged contact with patients as compared to other medical or health care fields such as medicine and public health. Therefore, nursing is the only health care profession that can enable me have close contact with patients as I assist them in optimizing their health. Being a nurse would also accord me an opportunity to have a greater impact on the wellbeing of other people than any other health care profession. Moreover, nursing is the only health care profession where I can exercise caring. For my part, caring is important in the provision of health care services because, it allows the health care professionals to make patients feel better. It also makes the patients feel valued and enables them to develop a positive experience. I believe that nursing is not only about restoring physical health, but also having genuine interests in the health and wellbeing of patients. For my part, a nurse should pay special attention to the patients’ concerns and demonstrate this by her actions towards the patients.

Personal Experiences that Made Me Develop Interest in Nursing

Because we lived in a remote area where there was inadequate access to health care services, I was watching my uncle suffer and eventually die from a preventable and treatable disease. This was one of the most disconcerting and obnoxious things I have ever experienced in my life. Although he could be treated and saved, there was nobody to help him. Watching him die helplessly made me develop a greater interest in a nursing career so that I would be able to help save lives of other people. I view training in nursing as the stepping stone for achieving this goal in life.Personally, it will be gratifying to help others, especially those who are not able to help themselves. I consider nursing as the noblest career option in the world, because it allows people to save others’ lives as well as bring comfort to those in need. Since the incident with my uncle, I have been always interested in saving others’ lives as well as helping them attain optimal health.

Characteristics that I Believe Would Make Me a Better Nurse

First and foremost, I believe that nurses should be caring and compassionate. I have a strong interest in caring that would make a better nurse. I also have good interpersonal and social skills that would enable me to create strongly interpersonal relations with my patients. parting my opinion, nurses should be able to provide physical, psychological, social, and emotional support and care to patients. Nursing involves showing empathy, patience, listening, and respect to patients. For my part, nurses should be able to build strong relationships with their patients. Secondly, nurses should be highly committed to their nursing roles. This entails being diligent and hardworking. In my view, nursing involves a lot of hard work which is not as glamorous as it is often portrayed in the media. This is because caring for patients can be physically and emotionally draining.

Impacting the Community and the Nursing Profession after Graduation

For my part, I would impact the community by promoting good health among the people through the provision of high quality health care services. I would advise patients appropriately in order to enable them to make informed choices concerning their health. Moreover, I would lobby for appropriate reforms in the health care sector that would help to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of health care services. On the other hand, I would impact the nursing profession by joining in professional nursing associations such as the American Nurses Counsel and United American Nurses where I can actively participate in various activities such as formulation of health care policies that would ensure a healthy nation. I would also advocate for the observation of patients’ rights in health care settings.


Nursing will not just be a job to me, but calling to help others when sick and celebrate with them when they are healthy. I would not choose any other profession apart from nursing even if I am given another chance to change my career option.

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What is Nursing? essay

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