Civil Rights Act essay

Civil Rights Events

Civil liberties and civil rights made the U.S. the country of freedoms and great opportunities. Two of the most significant civil rights events in the history of the U.S. were: first, Niagara Movements in 1905 and second, Executive Order 8802 that forbids race discrimination in hiring in June 1941. Niagara Movements: W.E.B. DuBois demands immediate racial equality and opposes all laws that treat blacks as different from others. It led to creation of NAACP in 1909. Executive Order 8802: FDR sets up Fair Employment Practices Commission to assure non-discrimination policies in federal hiring.


Niagara Movements is the final act, which ensures the equality of all races. According to this act, all people are equal and have access to the same facilities, opportunities and rights. Comparing to the previous act such as Plessey v. Ferguson decision, in 1906 black people fully achieved the same rights as white people had. According to this civil right black people could take legal actions in case of discrimination by race. The significant of this act for black people is very valuable. The main follower of this was Booker Washington (the adviser to presidents of the U.S.), who dedicated all his life to struggle race inequality and create equal opportunities (medicine, education, work) for every human.

Executive Order 8802 contributed much into the development of the U.S. society. The discrimination by race, age, gender, nationality, etc. is very common issue in the U.S. in the modern society. The attempt to solve the problem was made in 1941 by Franklin Roosevelt. Nevertheless, this act was not Roosevelts initiation. African American labor leader Philip Randolph and other supporters persuaded him. Although the executive order did not establish fully equal rights for all the U.S. citizens, this act was the first step towards the bright future for all Americans. Next steps were Montgomery bus boycott; freedom riders oppose segregation, March on Washington and others.

The right of equality in races and the right of non-discrimination are ones of the fundamental civil rights in the U.S. Constitution. Basing on those two civil rights events that were mentioned before, new laws have been set: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246, and Executive Order 13665, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 and many others. They all contributed into development of human rights and freedoms in America.

The Influence of Media Events on Public Opinion

Mass media has the great impact on public opinion, especially if it provides facts and evidence. TV, magazines, newspapers and so on do not like simple facts. They are intended to make sensations of everything they find. Due to it, public opinion can be even worse or better than it should be because of mass media.

One of the most famous scandals in the U.S. history was Watergate scandal, which took place in 1974 in the USA. It led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. In August 1974, newspapers and TV networks published shocking news of Watergate scandal. The Democratic Committee National offices were taped. According to tapes, the corruption was everywhere in the government. To Moiness opinion, Nixons plans of future were horrible. This event caused public dissatisfaction and suspicion of government. It was hard times for both of parties: they could not recruit people who wanted to work in government.

This scandal was not forgotten since it had results for the government. The Government passed three major federal open-records reforms: the Government in Sunshine Act (1976), the Ethics in Government act (1978), and Presidential Records act (1978). Those acts required government agencies conduct all meetings open to the public, public officials disclose their financial and employment history and create restrictions on lobbying, and finally ...preservation of all presidential records and documents. Hence, the policy of state bodies has become clearer for the public because of Watergate scandal.

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GCHQ scandal is another media event, which has influenced not only the U.S. but also the whole world. Edward Snowden made the information of the NSA espionage of ordinary citizens in the U.S. and in other countries public. It happened in 2013. According to BBC, the NSA was able to monitor up to 600 million communications every day. People citizens of the U.S. were dissatisfied with such situation since the government did not react on such event with the appropriate attitude. Leaders of other concerned countries criticized the U.S. espionage.

Barack Obama initially intended the NSA. According to his words, it is in citizens interests since the private information helps in investigation hard crimes. Nevertheless, Obama has changed his opinion after advertising those revaluations. Obama has recommended to implement reforms and to change US electronic surveillance programmers. However nothing was done. Therefore, this scandal spread peoples distrust of their safety.

The difference between Democrats and Republicans

Many features vary democrats and Republicans. Those are tax policy, social issue, labor and free trade, health care, social programs, foreign policy, energy issues and environment, education, crime and capital punishment, individual liberty and others. Both parties have different points of view on resolving of each issue. However, two modern issues grabbed much attention: same sex marriages and abortion.

The topic of same sex marriages is much debated in the U.S. today. Republicans are totally opposed such marriages. They try to promote marriages between man and woman. They are traditional in their views. Democrats are more progressive in this issue than Republicans are. They promote peoples right to choose their life path without any limitations. According to Democrats, the U.S. is modern country and has to refuse from old-fashioned and biased points of view. The world is evolving and the U.S. has to keep up with it.

The mass demonstration of supporters and opponents of same sex marriage took place in front of the Supreme Court in 2015. They wanted their arguments to be heard by the government. While 55% of Americans support same sex marriage, only 37% are against such marriages. It is the evidence that Americans mainly have the positive attitude to such marriages. Therefore, there number of Democrats supporters is much higher than the number of Republicans supporters in the issue of gay marriages.

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Another sore topic in the U.S. is an abortion. Democrats and Republicans points of view are different in this case too. Democrats allow abortions while Republicans ban it. This question also arose in the presidential debates in 2016. Hillary Clinton said that it is the choice of every woman whether she wants and has opportunities to bear the child or not . Trump responded that woman who made an abortion has to be punished and that this behavior is not acceptable for American people.

There are many opponents of abortion. Some of opponents are criminals, For instance, a shooting incident took its place at a Planned Parenthood clinic in 2015. Three men were killed, including police officer. In addition, other clinic workers and patients received multiple injuries. Although there is the law called the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, it does not save clinics from opponents of abortion interference.

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Civil Rights Act essay

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