Elections and Voting in Harris County essay

Over the period of 1996 to 2012, the voting trends within Harris County have evolved significantly. The primaries and general elections show marked differences in voter turnout, but with time the statistics show an improvement in the participation in elections among the residents with time. The general elections have incessantly witnessed tremendous voter turnout over the past decade as opposed to the other elections such as run-offs, primaries, joint run-offs, recounts, party elections and others.

35.01% was the lowest portion of the residents of the Harris County that partook in the general elections in 2002. By this time the county had 1,875,777, and only 656,682 people voted. The highest voter turnout in the past decade in was in the 2008 general elections in which the county had a 62.81% voter turnout (1,188, 731 of 1,892,656 registered voters). The other elections that do not concur with the dates of the general elections have continually realized dismal voter turnout in the region of 5%. Relative to the participation in general elections, the other elections have had poor voter turnout over the past decade.

These statistics show that over the past decade, Harris County residents have more interest in the general elections than in those which take place in the off-years. The voter register has a slight increase showing an increase in the population as well as awareness of national leadership. Voter participation in Harris County has increased, especially in the general elections, over the past decade.


1.How many registered voters were there in Harris County?

There were 1,902,822 voters in Harris County in 2006. In 2008, 1,892,656 voters were in the records. 2010 general elections had 1,917,534 registered voters. In 2012, 1,942,566 residents of Harris County were registered voters.

2. What percentage voted?

In 2006, 31.59% of the registered voters participated in the general elections. 2008 realized the highest voter turnout of 62.81%. 2010 general elections had a voter turnout of 41.67%. 2012 general elections approximated the 2008 general elections having a voter turnout of 61.99%.

3. In what voting precinct do you live?

I live in the Third Precinct

4. How many registered voters lived in your precinct?

In 2006, there were 357 registered voters in the Third Precinct. In 2008, there were 383 registered voters in my precinct. The 2010 general 391 registered voters participated in the general elections while in 2012 there were 496 registered voters in my precinct.

5. What percentage voted in your precinct?

In 2006, 69.2% o the voters participated in the general elections. In 2008, the voter turnout was 89.1% while in 2010 it dropped to 75.6%. The 2012 general elections realized a 68.2% turnout in the Third Precinct.


The statistics from the four general elections elucidate the trends in voting within Harris County. The high voter turnout in the 2008 general elections was due to the controversial nature of the candidates involved in the elections (Obama’s involvement). The county had record turnouts in the 2008 and 2012 general elections due to this fact. The low voter turnout in 2006 and 2010 shows the worrying lack of involvement in the elections that do not involve presidential elections in both Harris County and the Third Precinct.

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Elections and Voting in Harris County essay

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