State Power essay

American Federalism has never been simply a set of stiff rules fixed in the American Constitution. American Federalism is a dynamic multidimensional process in which it is possible to single out not only the constitutional aspects, but also economic, administrative and political ones. It particularly belongs to the current stage of the development of American Government.

American Federalism has a new international measurement

GATT and NAFTA will certainly make a significant impact on Federalism. The majority of political observers consider that State Power will be reduced in relation to the US Federal Government. The policy of State Power towards the development of the economy, environmental issues and licensing should correspond to the conditions of the international agreements and also to the restrictive provisions of the US Constitution. However, such agreements facilitate the increase of state power concerning the Federal Government of the USA.  According to the NAFTA agreement, American state power has the right to exercise a deliberative vote concerning the questions of compliance with the agreement.

The size of government has increased significantly since the financial crisis of 2008 as a result of the government’s unplanned intervention in financial markets and subsequent stimulus legislation. Much of the increase in government spending is temporary and could be reversed when financial conditions return to normal, although many question how easy it will be for the government to extricate itself from new commitments it has made.

The USA is a kind of “a social laboratory” ,which can find different salvations of social and economic problems, thus, prevent from putting the whole country at risk. In order to find new and effective solutions to the problems as crime, education, social security, and degradation of the cities state authorities should closely cooperate with the representatives of local administrations. The future of American Federalism depends on how successfully state power will solve actual problems and use the possibilities in front of them

In spite of the intentions of the founding fathers that created the US Constitution, the US government has become increasingly centralized due to efforts to control national sectionalism and promote toleration under the banner of secular humanism.

Hence, it is possible to make a conclusion that over the long term state power has increased in relation to that of the Federal Government in the United States.

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State Power essay

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