The Role of Politics in Archeology essay

This paper presents a discussion on the role that politics has played in the field of Archeology. Archeology is the study of past human activities. It involves researching and examination of artifacts, architecture, biofacts and their cultural landscapes. The studies are, therefore, important since they reveal information regarding the people who lived before, their activities and beliefs thereby appreciation of humanity and its origin. The exercise is mainly done through excavation, surveyance and the eventual analyzing of the data obtained.

Politics no doubt played a huge role in the archeological development

This is associated with power and policies passed to regulate the practice. Laws of the land must be obeyed, in the undertaking of any activity. Largely, politics played an enhancement role. Various regulations allowed the use of machines and scientific instruments to locate, collect, store, study and analyze obtained data. In Egypt, politics was at the center stage. There seemed to be competition between France and the host, Egypt for the acquisition of antiquities. This had an effect of encouraging archeological activities with huge anticipations for materials of value that may be discovered. Therefore, politics enhanced Archeology.

Politics is still important today in the field of the analyzed science

Governments have powers to institute legal requirements to guide the practice. Where appropriate legislation is passed regarding the field, then it would enhance the practice of archeology. Executives can also encourage archeology through investing in improved technology, which would make it easier for the practice to prevail. On the other hand, governments can pass laws that impede or discourage archeology. In this case, stringent laws on the exercise would render its practice impossible and, consequently, greatly harm the exercise. Politics is, thereby, still important in the sphere of Archeology.    

Politics should play a minor role in this branch of science

Appropriate legislation supposed to be drafted to regulate the practice. These regulations must address all critical areas in the field to ensure proper procedures are followed with due regard to environmental conservation and the rights of all parties involved. Where such a system is in place, archeology would thrive with minimum politics and, therefore, improved welfare of the people and the host nations.

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The Role of Politics in Archeology essay

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