Good Ways of Having Fun essay

Everybody is busy and loaded with hundreds of things to do

So, it is essential to spend the valuable spare hours in the best possible manner. There are various ways of having fun and spending free time. People enjoy doing different things. Some of them like going shopping or even playing arcade games. Others are crazy about watching TV or playing games at home. As for me, I love relaxing and spending time with my friends at WoodwardPark. I prefer Woodward Park owing to what I can see, smell, and hear there.

I like the sight of WoodwardPark because it is a really beautiful place

This park is popular with visitors as they can relax or picnic in the shadow of high trees on the nice green grass. The trees and bushes are fantastic just to look at. The area of WoodwardPark is over 300 acres. Driving around the picturesque park, one can see numerous attractions, one of which is a well-equipped and cozy playground. What is more, when I go to Woodward Park, I always like to look at the geese there. It is nice to be so close to nature being in a city.

I love the smell of fresh air in WoodwardPark

It is so nice to breathe there after you get used to the polluted city air. It is a big and clean park, and everybody enjoys being there, at least for a short while. What is more, when my friends and I have BBQ in the park, it even adds to the smell. The smell of charcoals burning is pleasant as well.

It is so quiet in some parts of the park that I can sometimes hear the birds flying or the wind blowing. I like to watch the trees swaying from the left to the right. If I get tired of loneliness and quietness and I want to be among the noisy children, I go to the playground to enjoy their company and joyful voices.

WoodwardPark is the best place to relax for me

I like its setting, smell, and sounds. I can get away from usual stress and pressure and enjoy fresh air, pleasant sounds, and wonderful scenes. There is nothing like Woodward Park if you are looking for a place to have fun and take a little time off alone or with your friends.

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Good Ways of Having Fun essay

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