Animal Farm essay

During the Spanish Civil War, among the Democrats that existed in the period has George Orwell, who criticized Joseph Stalin and was antagonistic to Moscow-directed Stalinism, an insolence attained during the war. Orwell wrote the book ‘Animal Farm’ which was published in England in 1945. The book was a detailed reflection on the issues and circumstances that led to the Russian Revolution of 1917 and after that into the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union, which he believed had become a base of dictatorship established by a group of personalities which was enforced by a period of existing terror. The title of the book as given by George Orwell was original ‘The Animal Farm: A Fairy Story’, but the subtitle was dropped by the U.S publishers during its second publishing in America in the year 1946 .One of the translations that existed during Orwell’s period, however, kept the title regardless of the changes made by the U.S publishers. This paper is an analysis of the book ‘The Animal Farm’ by George Orwell and the point of view that the author had. Moreover, the paper gives an outlined summary of the books content with an aim of sourcing out facts that can be learned from the book.


Background Information

Animal Farm is a classic fictional response of the cultural aspects related to power, which focuses attention on some animals that were tired of being ill-treated by the human beings and as a result they overthrew the owner of the farm in which they were secluded. At their first few moments, they enjoyed the freedom but came to feel otherwise after sometime. The book is allegorical in nature that relates the animals with the animals about their characteristics. The document is thus viewed as work of literature, as the author tries to bring out the actual nature of human beings characterized by features the same as possessed by the animals in the animal farm.

Orwell’s Animal Farm is based on various themes, among the main ones being the political argument. The book portrays the pig as the leader of the farm being supported by a simpering sidekick, Squealer a fact that characterizes human political leaders having support by other individuals in matters concerning the decision making and the overall ruling of a region. The leader Pig encourages the other animals secluded in the same farm, to fight for their freedom as he explains to the importance associated with being free and having to make decisions by themselves rather than having choices being made for them. The main claim and argument that the leader bases his fight upon are that everyone deserves to be equal. As from Stearns, this is a portrayed situation about the tyrannical governments and a blurred warns about the Communism in Russia rising from the political influence by the government to the people all over the region.

The document written by George Orwell can be categorized as an eyewitness account in the happening of an event which took place ages ago and therefore, an outlined description of the same in the form of an allegorical story to indirectly report the exact happenings and encounter from the event .Orwell wrote the book between the years 1943 and 1944 period in England, a time where the United Kingdom was at war alliance with the Soviet Union and was published in the year 1946. The very first edition was in the English language and later translated into other languages including, the French and the Russian versions of the same. As described by Orwell, at this period also, the British people and the intelligentsia were in the hold of the Stalin in high esteem which entirely hated. He further explains the escaping from the Communists as taught to him by the purges in Spain and how easily the totalitarian views and claims can have the control of the even the wise people in the democratic countries. Orwell, therefore, describes the situations that happened during the period, exposing and condemning what he saw, since he was present at the time, giving an account of the whole history as a witness of the same.

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The Author’s Point Of View in Explanation

George Orwell describes his interpretation based on animals in a firm to bring out the idea of how to avoid and escape from the Soviet Union fears. In his example, the preface contains a direct view of him describing a little boy as little as ten years old controlling and driving a huge carthorse along a path that was extremely narrow making the carthorse struggle for it to pass through. The boy had its full control as he would whip it back to the lane whenever it tried to turn. The author, therefore, generated the idea that if animals like these had an idea of what they were capable of, human beings would never have misused them anyhow. And they would unlikely do as to the demand of the people to do what they are forced to, regardless of the ability of the individual, as for this case, the little boy with the carthorse. Orwell thus explains that the rich exploit the poor and the proletariat, a case brought about by human beings using the animals in any way they want.

The book addresses the victims of communists and totalitarianism especially the individuals originally from democratic countries in the world. Explaining how they can fight and be free from the same, as expressed by the book through the animals’ freedom from the farm. The author’s beliefs were based upon the belief of socialism whereby it is believed that the means of production in the community like the businesses and the factories should have their control on the workers for everyone to benefit out of them. This is as rather as the same being controlled by a small set of individuals whose primary aim is making the profit out of it with no any interest of the people involved. The author relates this to the case of the fights in the Spanish Civil War in the Soviet Union. These beliefs enhance the value of the document as a source of historical knowledge since the report is based on historical events that happened in the past, and the explanation is given information to be used as a source in history references. The document is thus considered essential for further historical referencing since it is not biased and can, therefore, be used over and over again with historians, in the issues related to the ones discussed in the file.

Summary of Contents

The key ideas retrieved from the book lies upon different perspectives of socialism, communism, and totalitarianism. Communism being an advanced form of socialism, it leads to the fight alongside socialism by Orwell in the period when the Spanish Civil War took place back in the 1930s. On realizing that the communists could be just as totalitarian and oppressive as well, he shuns from their support. The book also brings out the argument of leadership and political power whereby the leaders in the firm animal are compared to the human leaders specifically in the Soviet Union. The document’s central idea that the author tries to put across is thereby fully explained by the relation with the animals whereby the pigs Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer recognizes the old major’s ideas and turn them into a complete pact of thought in existence. As formerly named animalism, it is a symbolic expression of the trait Communism in human beings.

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From the book by George Orwell, various characteristics, situations, themes and thoughts are expressed which can be used as an important feature in the world today in a reflection of the history. As we have seen, the book can be read as simple basic tale but in digging deep into the content, serious aspects can be found. These are the political nature of the world about human power and what can be achieved if people were to focus more on what they could potentially be able to perform rather than focusing on what they cannot do. This has resulted in the fact that people have kept on the ground and the wrong side for an extended period.

The original commandments set in the firm by the animals to guide their existence are well followed and acted upon by the animals. This is however broken as soon as Napoleon and Squealer involve themselves in activities portraying human characters involving alcohol drinking and sleeping in beds. The actions violate the seven commandments supposed to be followed by all the animals. Squealer is given the task of altering and changing these commandments to attribute the partaken activities associated with humanism. There is a direct allusion of the Soviet government in their involvement of changing the actual history and ways of doing things to have enabled the exercise of control to the individuals in the region concerning the beliefs they possess among themselves and their society in general.

Following the different situations and activities that took place in the animal farm as from the book, the same is depicted in the real world concerning the Soviet Union and the communist. The revolt the farmer by the animals illustrate the Orwell’s explanation of the October 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. There exists a battle in the farm also, involving the cowshed which has been explained as an analogy of the allied invasion in 1918 of the Soviet Russia and the combat against the White Russians in the Russian Civil War where they fought and won. In conclusion, the main aim of the document by Orwell was to fuse the political and artistic purposes into a whole thing as described and analyzed by the paper.

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Animal Farm essay

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