Interstellar: A Movie Review essay

Interstellar is an arresting movie that hit the screen two years ago; its release was a huge success and failure at the same time. Some people praised it, while others said it did not satisfy their expectations. The feedbacks were really different, but in general, the point is that the movie is impressive and will not leave anyone indifferent. Interstellar is both entertaining and thought-provocative. From the very first moment a viewer starts to analyze the situation and characters’ actions. This movie belongs to a group of those pieces of cinematography that require the viewer to think and analyze. It raises a number of controversial issues and makes the viewer question and reconsider some aspects. Everything in the movie is elaborated and harmonic: from the plot to the soundtracks. There is nothing coincidental in this movie. If a person likes to think, ask, and answer philosophical questions, sometimes even those that have no answer at all, there is no doubt that they will enjoy the movie. Evaluation of Interstellar leads to the conclusion that the plot of the movie, its settings, special effects, and cast make it definitely worth watching.

Interstellar is a science fiction movie about astronauts who travel in outer space in the search for a new home for the human race. It is unknown when exactly the events happen, but it is sometime in the 21st century. The planet is facing a serious food crisis. It becomes almost impossible to grow crops, and, thus, in the nearest future, the population will most likely have to face famine. The main hero, Cooper, is a farmer, who lives with his two children Tom and Murph, and his father-in-law. Murph believes that there is a ghost in her bedroom, who gives her some signs. Later, when this ghost leaves a pattern out of dust, Cooper understands that this is not a ghost but rather some gravity anomaly. He discerns the pattern and receives the coordinates of some place, which happens to be a location of NASA that has to work in a secret. After arriving at the space station, he learns that Earth is in danger and the only way to save people is to find them another home in a different galaxy. Dr. Brand, Cooper’s former professor, offers him to be a pilot of a spaceship. Their mission is to further explore the new galaxy, while the professor will be working on a gravitational theory that could enable to save earthlings. This is their A plan. Plan B is to start a new colony on another planet with 5000 embryos on the spaceship. Cooper agrees to undertake such responsibility. However, such decision upsets his daughter. Together with his crew consisting of Dr. Brand’s daughter Amelia and two other scientists, Rommily and Doyle, he starts their journey into the wormhole, not knowing how long the journey will last and if it ends successfully. However, the crew realizes that this is the only chance of survival for the human race.

There are several reasons why the film is worth watching, namely its arresting plot and exceptional setting that hold the audience spellbound. In the beginning, the viewer notices nothing special; average family leads a typical life. However, the director incorporates dust storms in the picture, which gives a feeling that there will be some unusual scenes. However, starting from the moment Cooper finds NASA, the setting changes. Viewers see giant spaceships with help of which Cooper is supposed to save humankind. When the astronauts go into the outer space, the setting acquires striking features. The viewers can see marvelous views of stars, other planets, and galaxies. Even if one is not a fan of space themes, one will definitely enjoy the scenes of the cosmic journey of the crew, because they fascinate with their mysterious beauty. They also help to see and understand how small and lonely the planet Earth is in comparison to the universe and other galaxies. Moreover, the representation of the outer space is very realistic. Therefore, even if the plot is not impressive enough, the settings are just gripping.

The excellent play of actors brings the film to life and invokes a range of emotions. . Owing to the ideally matched cast, starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Michael Caine, Interstellar deserves much credit. . They are great and talented actors what they proved in this movie. Their characters are alive and trustworthy. While watching the movie, there is no single scene where one will not believe the emotions or feeling they show. Their acting is so good that it makes the viewer sympathize with them in every scene of the movie.

Interstellar is a didactic movie that makes a viewer draw conclusions and teaches him some valuable lessons. It is not a comedy where one can relax and laugh at some hilarious jokes or romantic drama where one worries about the couple in love. This movie has a deep meaning. Firstly, it gives the viewers an insight into the space science. Using Einstein’s equations, the film crew produces stupendous special effects that help to create an incredibly realistic version of a black hole. Moreover, the director deserves a credit for a stunning representation of how forces might behave within a singularity, the depiction of gravity as a force that can influence the changes within the four dimensions as well as incorporation of out-of-box thinking that moves science forward. Apart from science lessons this movie provides other insightful ideas. For example, it concerns Murphy’s law which Copper slightly changes so that it sounds, "Murphy’s law doesn’t mean that something bad will happen". It means that whatever can happen, will happen. It is more about life than simply physics. It is about choice and how a person perceives life. Bad things will happen anyway, they are part of one’s life. However, good things will happen too. This is life and it is a combination of ups and downs, which can waver the belief in oneself. Nevertheless, it is a person’s choice to see these moments as an opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and live to the fullest.

Love occupies a significant place in the film as well. Although it might seem strange to talk about it in science fiction movie, this theme is extremely important. As Barnes puts it, "Love is the one thing we’re capable of perceiving that transcends time and space". In fact, she is right; the movie shows that love still is the most powerful thing in the world. Copper’s love for his children and his desire to save them and come back to them is what helps him find the way to save everybody. Love is what helps people do the impossible. To conclude, Interstellar is not some random movie the viewers may watch and forget. It is a movie full of drama, desperation, intense, and hope. Additionally, this piece of cinematography is flawless. The plot is interesting, the settings are stunning, the cast is amazing, and the characters are convincing. Moreover, the movie will definitely bring some new information into the viewer’s life, because it includes some educational moments related to the science of space. The lessons of Interstellar will not leave anybody indifferent. Movies can be entertaining, funny, and depressing. However, Interstellar is a dynamic combination of the above-mentioned aspects with great settings in the outer space. It is one of the movies the viewer will not regret watching.

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Interstellar: A Movie Review essay

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