Health and Medicine Essay Topics


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  1. What affects high costs of healthcare services in the UK?
  2. Is there a connection between poor health and the level of poverty?
  3. Are the expenses on the development of the US healthcare justified?
  4. What drives high costs of healthcare services in the United States?
  5. Should there be an opt-out or opt-in donor systems? 
  6. Homeless people and the system of health care in the USA.
  7. Should the UK government provide free health care services to people without insurances?
  8. Should patients be encouraged by their doctors to use homeopathy before trying other methods of treatment?
  9. Should unconventional types of medicine become part of the traditional healthcare industry?
  10. Is it justified to provide any medical care to uninsured homeless people?
  11. Should criminal responsibility be introduced in case the doctor has committed a medical error?
  12. Should doctors be permitted to promote or advertise any medical services or goods?
  13. Should medical institutions provide an interpreter when treating the minority representatives? 
  14. Pros and cons of cannabis utilization while curing emotional disorders
  15. Euthanasia: Moral and illegal issues.
  16. Should abortion be considered a crime?
  17. Surrogate pregnancy: Ethical reasons.
  18. Are womb transplantations considered good alternatives to surrogate pregnancy?
  19. Should the doctors report about the cases of illegal organs trafficking?
  20. Organs Transplantation: Religious and ethical restrictions.
  21. Organs Transplantation: How to help people with such operations to get used to their new organs.
  22. Should doctors be capable of providing medical care to the patients who are against organ transplantations ? 
  23. Should cannabis be legalized?
  24. Pros and cons of cannabis application while treating cancer
  25.  Pros and cons of cannabis use while treating mental disorders
  26. Computer addition: Is it a medical problem?
  27. Do different TV shows displaying cosmetic surgeries make teenagers more inclined to refer for such services?
  28. The role of celebrities in popularizing a healthy way of life among the young generation in the USA?
  29. Cosmetic surgery addiction: The most burning issue in the USA
  30. Legal responsibilities of the administrations of the hospitals: Corporate ethics
  31. The influence of human resources management in healthcare institutions
  32. Private vs. public hospitals
  33. The effect of smoking on the women’s organism
  34. The role of nurses in administration and coordination of patients’ treatment 
  35. Methods utilized to improve the relationships among the medical staff in the healthcare setting
  36. The contemporary controversial issues in the health care industry of New Zealand?
  37. Accounting and financial reporting in the private hospitals
  38. The influence of regular training of the staff on the quality of health care services
  39. Should Canada implement the national health care system?
  40. Advanced technologies in treating AIDS
  41. Unhealthy people result in the country’s decay
  42. Causes and possible effects of heart attacks
  43. The necessity of banning alcohol ads
  44. How to improve mental health of elderly people
  45. Should TV ads for cigarettes be banned in the USA?
  46. Should TV ads / commercials of McDonald be banned worldwide?
  47. Fast food: The most controversial issues of the 21-st century
  48. The contemporary controversial problems in the health care industry of Australia?
  49. Can constant training worsen men’s health?
  50. Birth control pills and the health of women?
  51. Birth control pills and their influence on the natural environment.
  52. The problem of the aging population: What measures should be introduced to cease this process?
  53. Should cloning of people be banned or allowed worldwide?
  54. Should the medical tests on animals be banned worldwide?
  55. Medical research: Advantages and disadvantages.
  56. Should researchers make robots replace doctors?
  57. Benefits and drawbacks of cloning people
  58. The contemporary controversial problems in the health care industry of the UK?
  59. Is it ethical to utilize animals in order to test medical equipment?
  60. Should any limits be set to conducting medical tests on people?
  61. Is it possible to create the pills for ever-lasting beauty?
  62. How to resolve the problem of Ebola in the African continent?
  63. The role of 3-D printing in modeling human organs
  64. Why has the issue of women infertility become the worldwide problem?
  65. Trans-gender operations: Advantages and disadvantages
  66. Inequalities experienced the health care settings
  67. Pain management: The relationships between the health care professional and the patients
  68. Why are the majority of the nurses either black or white females?
  69. The contemporary controversial problems in the health care industry of the USA?
  70. The role of novel storage systems in the industry of health care in Canada?
  71. The use of mobile devices in drug distribution among the patients with lethal diseases.
  72. Electronic health records system: Cons and Pros
  73. How to protect health records from online breaches
  74. Inpatient hospitalization vs. ambulatory health care
  75. Patients with mental disorders and their treatment in asylums
  76. How should modern asylums be equipped in order help the patients to recover from their illness accordingly and effectively?
  77. Prisoners and the way how they are treated in jails.
  78. Is euthanasia an ethical concern or an ordinary medical issue
  79. How should a contemporary healthcare setting be managed?
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