College Entrance Essay

Writing a college entrance essay is something that may have devastating impacts on your future career and growth. The purpose of this essay is to convince the admission committee that you are talented and skilled enough to become a student. Thousands of your peers will struggle to win scholarships, and your task is to prove that you are the best candidate for the university of your choice.

A college entrance essay is different from everything else you will need to submit as part of your application. It is the only opportunity you will have to make a positive impression on the members of the admission committee. Therefore, your essay will have to be short enough not to bore anyone and long enough to provide enough information about your personality. Expect to write 650-700 words for your paper.

Recommendations for Making a Perfect Essay

What are your strengths?

The whole task will be much easier for you if you know your strengths and weaknesses and can present them in the most favorable light. You will make a huge leap forward if you are able to outline your best features, describe them, and justify their role in making a positive admission decision.

Do not write a resume

One of the biggest mistakes made by applicants is writing an entrance essay in a form that resembles a resume. Do not do it! You will have to submit your resume as part of your application package, so there is definitely no need to repeat the same information. It will be annoying and time consuming for both you and the members of the admission committee. The whole point of writing a college entrance essay is in creating a story that will appeal to the hearts and experiences of the admission committee members, thus pushing them to make a favorable decision. For instance, you may want to focus on a serious problem you had in your life and the strategies you used to solve it. You must create a positive impression; this is why you are writing this essay. Tell the admission committee who you are and why you are great.

Do not divert from the main theme

Many colleges ask their applicants to discuss some specific issue, topic, or theme. However, even if you are free to choose the topic for your entrance essay, do not include too many themes or topics in your paper. Be focused and concise. For example, you may want to describe your brightest life experience and the role it played in building your personality.

Advertise your ability to write

Another goal of writing a college entrance essay is to showcase your ability to write and express yourself. While in college, you will have to write dozens of papers. You will need to show strong writing talents and skills to excel in your studies. However, before you are in, you must persuade the admission committee that you do possess these skills and can use them in writing. Your college entrance essay must become an example of academic proficiency so powerful that not a single member of the admission committee will be able to withstand it. Your essay must be so powerful that not a single member of the admission committee will be able to say no to you. Be creative. Be respectful. Be advanced.

Honesty is the key

The key factor of your success when writing a college entrance essay is being honest with yourself and your readers. Do not try to misrepresent your achievements or make yourself look better than you are. Every member of the admission board is professional and intuitive to the extent that allows his or her to spot insincerity right away. Therefore, do not play on the margin. Write about things as they are and do not exaggerate your personality in the eyes of others. Humility is just another thing that can win you huge benefits in education, career, and life. Do not waste this unique chance simply because you have tried to create a false image of your own self. It is your time to win. Edit and proofread your paper before you forward it to the admission committee!