How to Write an Impressive Nursing School Personal statement

A procedure of applying to a graduate nursing school is tough and tedious since a candidate has to meet a great deal of submission requirements. To handle the process well, it might be useful to check guidelines provided by institutions, as well as those available online. They might differ to a certain extent, but they will definitely have one common point. All guidelines and tips unanimously agree that the personal statement for nursing school is the most important element of the application package.

Nursing school essay has a great power to influence the outcome of the application. Primarily, it is the only document that provides students with a sort of freedom to tell their life story, show own personality, appeal to feelings of the members of the admission committee, etc. In other words, this paper allows to overcome limitations imposed on candidates and demonstrate personal potential. Furthermore, personal statement for nursing student may serve as a strong compensating factor if other application package pieces are not that strong. However, a student should remember that a personal statement may both harm and give an incredible advantage. Therefore, its power should be used only in a strict compliance with our nursing personal statement tips.

Tips for Writing a Unique Nursing Personal Statement

a. Make up a Plan

Regardless of how talented at writing and nursing you are, it is impossible to create a perfect personal statement nursing at one sitting. It takes time to accumulate reasonable and worthy ideas, plan their presentation, draft, edit and proofread. Therefore, you should not delay starting the writing process and allow yourself plenty of time to do this complicated task. The first step, however, should be the collection of material that might prove useful in persuading school. Here is what you are recommended to pay attention to:

  • Work experience. Think of your experience as a registered nurse from the perspective of your goals and future. How does it affect your objectives? How will further education assist in you in growing as a professional?
  • Personality. A nursing personal statement should not be a restatement of the resume. It should present you as an individual and focus on strengths, achievements, skills, talents, interests, etc. You should tell what they enable you to bring to the educational establishment and how you plan to use them in your career. It might be helpful to mention leadership, mentoring, and volunteering here.
  • Preaching. It should be avoided at any cost. A passionate discussion of a burning issue is welcomed, but you should not sound in a condescending or authoritarian manner.
  • Program. You should know not only what you can offer to a school but also mind what the school needs. Find out its values or persuasions and check how well aligned they are with yours. Let an admission committee know if they are alike.

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b. Compose a Draft

With a well-thought-out plan in mind, you should proceed to creating a draft of your nursing school personal statement. Since it is only a first attempt, do not be afraid to write whatever seems good enough. The following principles will make the process go more smoothly:

  • Try to sound natural as if you are discussing your application with a friend or family member. Later on, you will be able to make the writing more formal.
  • Steer clear of using clichés and overused phrases that most personal statements for nursing school are full of. Unfortunately, this approach should be applied to such words and collocations as “people person,” “unique,” “caring,” “compassionate,” “From childhood, …” and “As long as I remember myself,” etc. These are the stimuli that prompt a reader to abandon the text.
  • Be specific when telling about your experiences with patients. You should not just provide facts, e.g., “I helped a patient with cope with an infection,” but describe the situation in detail instead. All examples that you provide should be vivid and give a possibility for a reader to imagine the case the way it was. For instance, you might write, “I suspected that a patient has a severe infection even though the primary diagnosis was different. Nevertheless, I managed to persuade a doctor in favor of a care plan that saved the patient from grave damage and worsening of health condition.”
  • As a high-quality nursing research, your nursing personal statement format should include evidence-based practice and examples from direct patient care. It will enable you to demonstrate your communication, leadership and advocacy skills as well as proficiency.
  • It might be useful to have a look at least one well-written nurse personal statement template to get the idea of what it should include. However, under no conditions, should you copy any ideas and text from the samples available online.

c. Edit and Polish the Text

It is unlikely that you will produce a perfect text at first attempt, do be sure not to skip the stages of editing and proofreading unless your aim is to fail, of course. These things should be obligatory done to ensure that the paper is properly arranged, logical, coherent, and free of mistakes. These techniques will help you to do editing well:

  • Take a break after drafting and before rereading and editing. It will assist you in having a fresh look and clear view of strengths and weaknesses of the paper.
  • Read the text out load. Such a strategy helps to make the flow of the text smooth, spot inconsistencies, and easily notice grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Proofread the paper multiple times to avoid any kind of grammar mistakes because they may ruin positive impression of the paper even if it is perfect in terms of content. You may resort to using editing tools or asking a friend or a family friend to give the paper a look. Their new perspective can help in locating and eliminating flaws in your personal statement.

Your personal statement is a key to getting admitted and numerous doors that will open to you upon graduation. It is influential and powerful, so do not waste a chance to use it for your own benefit. Present yourself in the best light possible but avoid using clichés and overused ideas. Illustrate everything you say about your personality and professionalism with bright examples and evidence-based practice. It will make you sound convincing. Good luck with your application!


Free Nursing Personal Statement Essay

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Sample of Nursing Personal Statement Essay

My Nursing Career

The core reason for choosing nursing as a career is the great opportunity which entails giving a helping hand to the needy people and eventually making a positive difference in their lives. This involves provision of the required care which results into prevention of horrible diseases. In addition, it plays a very vital role in dealing with and finding lasting solutions to different types of diseases and how each and every patient responds to certain diseases. Generally, as a nurse I extend my services and play an advocating role to communities, patients and their entire families.

Nursing as career brings out the following strengths: working tirelessly, which results into being a hardworking person. In addition, the daily interaction with patients and the entire community as a whole enables me to be a good communicator, friendly, compassionate, determined and punctual. Moreover, nursing requires teamwork, thereby, makes me qualified as a team player. On the contrary, there are several traits which portray the weakness in one as a nurse, specifically, the sensitiveness of taking issues or matters to heart and dearly. This results into greater disappointment in case things take an unexpected turn.        

There are several I am keen on: basically, I like to go fishing with the entire family and ride bicycle. In addition, I like to cook during in my spare time. During my entire life I have achieved one great thing, specifically. I have successfully gone through the whole training of nursing and graduated in August 2012, and I got a license as a RN in November 2012. However, I still have some goals which I am looking forward to accomplish in the near future.  I would like to pursue a Bachelors degree and be a nurse practitioner. Generally, I am eager to be an example to my entire family and specifically to my two daughters.