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A recommendation letter is an integral part of any graduate school application. Almost all graduate schools require two recommendation letters from applicants. These letters should be written by the individuals, who can tell more about your achievements, competencies, and personal traits introducing your personality from the best perspectives. Very often, referees do not want to write such papers on their own and ask the applicants to write these letters themselves. No wonder, writing a recommendation letter for grad school is quite challenging, especially if the individual has no relevant experience and skills. If you need to create a recommendation letter but you have no idea how to write it, then you are just in the right place. We will provide you with many handy suggestions and secrets that will help you cope with this task without any problems. Also, we will tell you about a writing service that provides the best recommendation letters. Keep reading and you will get answers to all of your questions!


Who Should Write a Letter of Recommendation?

A recommendation letter is always written by a person, who knows you well. This person should know everything both about your previous achievements and your career aspirations. What is more, this person should respect you enough to tell good things about you as a student and as a researcher. In some cases, a recommendation letter may be a decision-making factor.

When applying to graduate school, you should provide two letters of recommendation. At least one of them should be written by your past or current academic advisor. Another letter should be written by a person having a different role. It can be your colleague, a research adviser, etc. However, no matter what is the role of your recommender is, he or she should know you well in order to increase your chances to get accepted. What is more, a recommender should know the specific details of the program the applicant is pursuing. If the recommender is asking you to write such a letter, you need to apply the best writing skills to write a document that would please admission committee members.

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What Information Should Be Included in a Recommendation Letter?

Your recommendation letter should cover a wide range of skills including research experiences and academic abilities to convince the admission officers that you are a good fit for a position chosen. When writing a recommendation letter, you need to answer the following questions:

  • What is your relationship with the applicant?
  • Why should the admission committee member listen to your opinion? (make sure to inform them about your status);
  • What makes this applicant special?
  • What accomplishments, study habits, and qualifies impress you?
  • What makes this applicant a good fit for a program chosen?

Pay attention that your recommendation letter should not be a dry response to these questions. You need to organize your answers into a good essay that will introduce the applicant to the admission officers.

A Reference Letter and a Letter of Recommendation: What Is the Difference?

When applying to a graduate school, you will be asked to write either a reference letter or a letter of recommendation. Many people use these concepts interchangeably, though it is not correct. A reference letter is usually given directly by the recommender and can be kept for future use. Such a letter usually begins with the words “Dear Sir/Madam,” or “To whom it may concern.”

A recommendation letter is required by a university program and should be sent directly to the educational institution you apply to. This document is pretty short (300-400 words) but detailed enough to present the applicant`s personality from different angles.

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Recommendation Letter Structure: Know the Essentials

You should keep in mind that a recommendation letter is a formal letter. Thus, it is not a document where you can showcase your creativity. If you want to create a perfect letter of recommendation, you should follow a classic structure mentioned below:

  • Introduction. In the introduction, the referee should present the applicant, as well as explain the type of relationship between them;
  • Main body. In the main body of a recommendation letter, the referee should clearly state why the applicant is a good fit for the position chosen supporting their arguments with strong evidence;
  • Closing. Finally, a recommendation letter should include a strong closing statement in which he or she would emphasize that the applicant has enough skills, knowledge, and competencies to succeed in the position chosen.

How to Write an Impeccable Recommendation Letter?

  1. A recommender should mention the significant achievements of the applicant. If you need to submit two recommendation letters, it is important to ask these people to focus on two different aspects of your personality. For instance, one of these letters may focus on your classroom performance whereas another will discuss your research abilities;
  2. A recommender should include only relevant and accurate data in the letter. Even if the recommender knows you well, it is better to make sure they are aware of the qualities and accomplishments you would like to be noticed. Thus, we highly recommend you provide your recommender with the following things:
  • A list of your academic achievements;
  • Your CV;
  • A list of your extracurricular activities;
  • The date when the recommendation letter should be submitted.
  1. A recommender should be honest. If a recommendation letter includes too many pleasant things about you, it would not sound realistic. As such, it is important to emphasize to your recommender that the letter should include only reasonable and accurate facts about you;
  2. Your tone should not be too dry. As it was mentioned previously, a letter of recommendation is a formal document. However, making it too dry, it is easy to make the admission officer get bored. As such, a recommender should do their best to make the letter as much personalized as possible.
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Tips on How to Write an Impressive Recommendation Letter

Following these suggestions, one can turn a simple recommendation letter into a true masterpiece. If you need additional tips on how to write an impressive recommendation letter, check out our list of Do`s and Don`ts:


  • Spend enough time on its writing. If you are writing a recommendation letter, you should dedicate enough time to the writing process. Being pretty simple and short, this document is particularly important for your academic career. Thus, it should not be underestimated;
  • Study the instructions carefully. Different academic programs have different requirements for application documents. If you want to increase your chances to get accepted, you need to study these instructions carefully;
  • Show, don`t tell. Your task is to draw a picture of a determined and passionate individual having a list of academic accomplishments and clear long-term goals;
  • Be specific.


  • Write a recommendation for an applicant if you do not want to. Some recommenders do it because they do not want to hurt the applicant`s feelings. However, it is better to refuse because the result of such a letter can be unsatisfactory;
  • Be vague. The admission officers want to know what makes a specific applicant a good fit for the particular program. Making your statements too shallow, you will reduce the applicant`s chances to get accepted;
  • Include inaccurate facts. This may seem obvious, but you should not lie in a recommendation letter because it also may negatively affect the applicant`s performance;
  • Submit an essay without its proofreading. Of course, the admission officer will pay close attention to the content of your paper. However, if there are many typos in your letter, it will lack credibility.

Hopefully, now you know all the important aspects of creating a perfect recommendation letter. If you are not sure about it, feel free to have a look at the recommendation letter samples. Well-written examples will definitely help you understand the essentials of recommendation letter structure and formatting. If you feel that you won`t be able to create a great letter, do not waste your time and turn to a professional writing service. We want you to know that there is a writing platform that is able to make all of your worries disappear. Essays-Lab.com is known as a reputed service that offers premium writing help to students worldwide. No matter if you want to order a recommendation letter, a personal statement, or any other document, we will always assist you.

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