Writing A Why Osteopathic Medicine Essay

Have you ever written a “why osteopathic medicine essay”? Osteopathic medicine has received wide interest in recent years even though the roots of this healthcare direction date back more than 100 years. This specialization emerged after the Civil War when healthcare professionals had to treat patients without antibiotics and vaccines relying on commonly accepted and available means of providing care to patients. Most surgery intrusions were held without sanitary norms, which led to serious complications and deaths. Such a situation was not accepted by Andrew Taylor Still. He devoted his life to osteopathic medicine, a healthcare direction where correcting human body structure could help healing the whole body. The main idea of this direction was to send nerve signals to all the organs by means of influencing the spine. Manipulation with human nerves is believed to promote circulation in the body and heal a person.


Why Osteopathic Medicine Essay: Reasons to Choose Osteopathic Medicine Nowadays

When you have to choose a specialization in your medical career, you may need to structure your thoughts and specifically indicate why you have decided to choose osteopathic medicine as your future profession. Writing a "why I choose osteopathic medicine" essay is one of the opportunities to show why you value this profession, what specific goals you want to pursue, and how important it is for you to become an osteopath.

One of the basic ideas of osteopathic medicine is that coming to a doctor with knee pain you are sure to resolve much more problems than you expect. An osteopath does not look at the problem specifically; the specialist considers your body as a whole organism, including nerves, muscles, and bones. The main idea of this direction in medicine is not to treat a problem itself but to see how the problem shows itself in the whole body. A professional looks at your body as a unit where all the parts are closely connected and in case one part does not work, it means that the whole organism suffers and the signs of the problem may be observed in other parts of the body. Treatment and disease prevention principles address the whole body’s skeletal system.

If you have decided to become a doctor of osteopathic medicine, you should study for 4 years to obtain a degree in osteopathic medicine. Professionals in this field should obtain good knowledge in general medicine. The first two years of education are usually spent on studying anatomy, neuroscience, biochemistry, etc., while the last two years are devoted to the profession.

The main goal of the doctors of osteopathic medicine is to preserve the patient's wellness rather than treat the symptoms. These specialists resort to logic in their profession heavily. Osteopathic manipulative treatment is one of the common strategies applied by professionals. If you have decided to become a specialist in this field, you should be ready to work hard; however, all your work will be rewarded by patients' smiles and gratitude.

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