Writing a Perfect Nursing School Proposal

When you are a nurse, you provide care to your patients. However, this is not the only thing that you might need to do. Writing a nursing school proposal has been part of everyday reality for any nurse who wants to pursue continuous education. Remember that continuous improvement is your ethical and moral responsibility. As a nurse, you are obliged to update your knowledge and skills. You must know how to manage the clinical and disease issues with which patients present to your clinic. Therefore, you can look at a nice nursing proposal sample or ask for nursing proposal writing help.

Before you start writing your project proposal in nursing, you will need to define its context, focus and purpose. Speaking of the focus, you will need to consider the needs and expectations of your target audience. What are the needs that you want to satisfy when your proposal is put into action? Do you need to provide some special or unique information to make the issue understandable to the audience? If necessary, you will include this information in your research proposal introduction.

How to Write a Professional Nursing Proposal

Any proposal in nursing field must be compelling and logical. Therefore, everything that you write in your proposal document will have to be relevant to the purpose and focus of your document. It is better to develop a brief outline and follow it while you are writing the project. No matter if it is a qualitative research proposal or a quantitative study proposal, you will have to include several important sections and subsections, including a problem statement and your hypothesis. 

If there are any recommendations or instructions that you need to follow, you will have to consider them as well. For example, your educational or clinical institution may have specific guidelines for writing nursing proposals. Some of them may be quite general, whereas others will be more specific. In any case, you will have to follow these guidelines specifically.

Then you will write each and every section of your document. Remember the effects that of your research proposal on nursing students. It is important. You will have to choose appropriate wording and structure for your document. Remember that your purpose and intent is to improve patient care. When you finish the first draft, you will revise it over and over again to avoid any mistakes. Then you can ask one of your colleagues to check it. You can also read it aloud when you are alone. Listen to what you are reading to find the slightest inconsistencies in your document. 


Nursing proposal sample

Statement of Purpose

My interest in nursing date back when I was young, since childhood I was captivated by the practice of nursing. I think of the greatest accomplishments of becoming a professional nurse is the satisfaction that comes with it. As a single mother with three children, I have had heavy family responsibilities. I have kept my family going for many years; I performed the roles of caring, loving and giving attention to the children whole heartedly. My children solely depended on me for financial support and relied on my advice.

Intellectual and clinical interests are due to my passion for nursing. I earned my degree in nursing, in 2003, to date I have over 10 years experience in nursing in ICU.I believe I posses all the qualities to make successful Family Nurse Practioner. I hope my education and professional experience will grant me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.

Georgetown University is my first choice to study because of the progressive aspects of your curriculum in diversity and humanity of a different culture, faith and beliefs. Developing further through nursing program at Georgetown University School of Nursing & Health Studies will pave my way to attaining my dreams of attaining greater depth in knowledge in becoming a family nurse Practioner. In addition, am excited about the possibilities of advancing my career through the performance of specialized duties required to care for the aged and critically ill patients.

I anticipate the family nursing program that is challenging, and I think that my experience as a nurse will be of much help in my academics. I thrive under pressure, consistently demonstrating my ability to keep my mind focused. Above all, I feel honored seeing a patient get better through my help. The nursing profession brings me the greatest level of personal, spiritual and professional satisfaction that I would ever desire.