How to Write a Good Reaction Paper

Reaction paper writing is considered to be the most demanding and difficult type among various academic essays. It is usually aimed at revealing the feelings and opinions about what the student has heard, watched or experienced. In other words, writing of reaction paper necessitates focusing on the perception of some specific experience or event from the personal point of view of the author.

Writing a custom reaction paper demands the writer’s high carefulness in order not to break the boundaries between providing personal attitudes to the event and dealing with a short review of it. To obtain the highest quality, such type of essay has to be done by a certified writer. Here you have some pieces of advice how to write a good reaction essay:

  • It should show a forceful experience of ideas and feelings about a particular situation or event;
  • It should include an introduction that catches attention, well structured and coherent main body and a persuasive conclusion;
  • It should clearly represent the writer’s position;
  • It should be structured in a proper way.

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Useful essay sample on reaction paper writing

Reaction Paper

The traditional nuclear family in the U.S. was dependent on the income of father, whereas after the decline in middle class economic situation, it started to depend on the money that both partners earn and the thing is that this money is often not enough. One more problem is that the family could not spend the amount of time it used to together because the parents had to work. Basically, parents do not have time to raise their children and that is the most important and negative change that the decline brought. The financial difficulties resulted in family desperation.

Each of the families in the documentary tried to find at least some employment sometimes not only to pay the mortgage, but even buy food. They tried to economize, get additional occupations, changing the employments for those that were paid more. Another thing involved was living on credit. It cannot be said that one family was more successful in achieving the stability than another one as getting one thing they lost another. The Stanleys were not as successful in making money as the Neumanns, but the Neumanns were deprived of spending time with their children. Each family struggled to adjust to the economic changes the way they could. In the end, it turned out that the Neumanns collapsed – they divorced, lost their house and did not have the occupation to afford a new one. Although the Stanleys managed to keep the house, they also had many financial troubles.

American families face many problems, but one of the most crucial ones is financial instability. Trying to make money to buy a house and raise the children, the average middle-class parents often cannot cope with the demands and become desperate. Having to work many hours to get some extra income, they do not have time to spend with their closest people and in the end, the family just breaks apart. Most families cannot make enough money to afford to live an ordinary life and, therefore, need to struggle every day to preserve what they have.